When a Permanent Shelter is Necessary and Things to Think About

Discussion in 'Permanent Shelters' started by SurvivalGirl87, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Permanent shelters are called for in situations where you will be staying in the same place for an extended period of time. When it comes to building a permanent, shelter do not expect to throw it up in a couple of hours and have something that is solid and meant to last. It will take several days sometimes even several weeks in order to build a permanent shelter that is both sturdy and efficient.

    Permanent shelters can be constructed out of many different materials. You will need to assess the availability of what materials you have access to when planning on how to build a your permanent shelter. You will know it is time to build a permanent shelter when the need for a home becomes real. In survival situations you might find yourself moving around a bit at first before you find a place that is both safe and comfortable and also one that has the basic essentials you need in order to survive nearby.

    A permanent shelter is something you will need to think about when there is more than just you involved in the scenario. If you have children or loved ones with you that may not be able to travel the way that you can this may be time for you to regroup and start planning on building your own form of permanent shelter to sustain you and your family for the future.
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    Rainy seaon. And cold and snow for comfort and safety when you get. safe a good shelter willl be a great thing i still say now is the time to do that way you are ready
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    Well I would be taking an existing building and adapting it for the new world!
    A straw or stick hut just will not cut it safety wise!
    You need stone/brick walls at least 18in thick, 24in would be better!
    Angled entrances, small windows a hidden escape route, hidden firing positions
    and steel roofing plus steel doors and window frames shutters!
    You don't want your place to burn or get riddled with holes!

    As most people will be dead salvaging bricks from damaged houses and using them to fortify one!
    Cut steel sheet from car panels and cover your roof and doors!
    Brick up the windows leaving just a small area!
    Clear around the house out to the range of whatever weapons you have but don't forget a covered escape route and
    form up point!.
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    A home point to work out of is a good idea from a hole in the ground to a fortress it is something you need do want you feel best for you but get ready and better because time are comein when your going to need it sooner than most think
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