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Discussion in 'Safety' started by Corzhens, May 24, 2016.

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  1. Corzhens

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    Getting lost in the woods can happen to me because sometimes we go on a camp out for an overnight. And although I am careful, I cannot say that I am always safe. But if it happens that I get lost in the forest, I would not worry if my husband is with me. We can seek shelter anywhere, even just under the tree. And for protection, we can sleep alternately so someone will be on guard.

    However, if I would be lost by my lonesome in the woods, all I can do is stay awake all night and maybe doze off when the sun shines again. I couldn't sleep anyway because for sure I would be scared of the dark.
  2. remnant

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    One usually happens to get lost when he or she is alone. If I happen to get lost in the woods, I would follow one direction to its logical end. As a prelude to this, its good to climb a tall tree if possible or try to access a vantage point in order to see into the distance and decide the path of least resistance in terms of physical obstacles. I would keep my ear to the ground and my eyes chameleone focused to detect any threat.
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    For that reason, you should leave or know how to read trail marker signs. The depth of the woods is a treacherous place, you can't even tell if you have been there before or not because almost everything looks the same!. An overwhelming feeling floods your mind when you are in the middle of the wilderness. Even the most vague orientation can be a life saver.
  4. John Snort

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    Those who say the woods aren't dangerous never have been spent a night alone there.

    I've been lost once in the woods and it wasn't pleasant as dangerous animals roam the woods I was lost in. There was no guarantee of safety either during the day or at night.

    If you can't find the materials you'll use to build yourself shelter get up on a tree as @remnant suggests but you need to make sure there's nothing that lives on that tree. Stinging insects [for example] might not give you a warm reception.
  5. Valerie

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    Where I grew up in New Jersey, there was a lot of places to get literally lost in nature. I'd often take a beater car out into the woods with friends or my cousins, and we'd go off-roading. One time, however, it was around midnight, and my cousin veered off the course suddenly. The car hit a stump and got stuck. Since it was pitch black and cold (around Thanksgiving, I believe), we were too frightened to leave the car for about an hour. Though the original paths in the woods are marked, we were deep in the thick of things. It didn't look good.

    Fortunately, I have a GPS for a brain and can usual determine my direction just through intuition. We were able to walk (please read that as frantically sprinting for our lives) back to my home. The dark woods had us screaming every five seconds. Not to mention there's feral dogs roaming around that are highly dangerous.

    But if there's one thing I learned about surviving in an unknown forest at night is getting to a loftier position. If you're lucky enough to come across a climbable tree, it's best to scale it and try to hang on throughout the night. I wouldn't risk staying on the ground unless someone else was with me or I could start a fire.
  6. iseeyou

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    I haven't been lost in the woods but If i get lost and all alone i wouldn't move from my spot if it's nighttime, i'll spend the night on that area where i realized I'm lost and wait for morning before i find my way home. It's probably not going to be easy but I'll follow the trail signs, shout for help and hopefully i'll make it out the woods. This whole hypothetical scenario is terrifying but that's what I'm going to do if this ever happens to me.
  7. lonewolf

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    the first thing to do once you realise you are lost is STOP, the second thing is DONT PANIC. sit down on a log or fallen branch, within a few moments you may realise where you went wrong and can retrace your steps.
    if not it may be wise to make camp and wait until the morning, when its light and you are rested and fresh for the day ahead.
    normally in the UK, I would say, find the nearest river and follow it downstream, most settlements are on rivers and you should then be able to obtain assistance for your onward travel.
  8. Keith H.

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