When You Might Need Shelter

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    The situation may arise when you need a shelter when you least expect it. You could be on a harmless hike, bike ride, or other outdoor excursion and a multitude of problems could occur leaving you stranded when you had not planned on it. This is the situation when you will need a shelter. Also horrible accidents could occur such as your car going off the road, a plane crash, or boating accident that leaves you stranded on a moment's notice. This is another situation when you will need to look for a shelter for survival. The importance of finding shelter is extreme. The elements outdoors can severely harm someone who is not used to it.
    From dehydration to hypothermia the potentials for dangerous conditions to occur without shelter is increased substantially. Also, finding shelter helps to stabilize the mood set of anyone in a situation that requires survival. Maintaining a cool mind and helping to minimize stress are some of the most important factors in helping to gain control of a bad situation. If you are on a camping trip you might end up needing shelter beyond your tent should you get caught in a severe storm. The same applies to hunting trips. Always keep a vigilant eye on your surroundings and know where areas are that may be beneficially utilized as emergency shelters should the situation occur.
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