Where Not to Seek Shelter

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    When you were looking for shelter, always remain vigilant. Remember if it looks like it is a good place for you to get out of the elements chances are something else has had that exact same idea. Sometimes it's not a something else it's a someone else. In a survival situation, people will be very territorial over areas in which they discover first. Abandoned buildings, houses, cars, and other makeshift shelters will be the first places people look for. When watching out for other people, you must watch out for wildlife as well. For example, if you are going to try to take up shelter in a cave you may end up running into some surprise friends. Friends like Mr. Bear or Mr. Wildcat or even Mr. Spider or Scorpion may end up also making that cave their home and might not like you barging in.

    Most people will instantly assume setting up a shelter by a water source such as a river or lake edge may be a good idea, but this is not true. Not only are you exposed to wildlife that will come to this area for a water source you could also be exposed to other dangers. Dangers such as the rapid rising of water levels and higher risk of infectious disease due to biting insects.

    You want to try to stay out of any kind of drainage ditches or containment areas because they may have been contaminated with fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical runoff from factories and businesses. These places may appear to be safe but will ultimately be the demise of your health making them more dangerous than they actually appear.

    When it comes to where not to seek shelter at a good piece of advice is to figure out whether you are wanting to be found or not. Obviously, this will affect the placement of where you choose to find shelter. If you're looking to be found than an obvious shelter in the open is a much better solution. If you are looking to be discreet than a more inventive solution will be required for you to find the proper place. Where not to seek shelter is one of those things that changes based on the situation you are in.
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    Hey thanks for this! I just posed on another thread to refer back to, I guess this is added to my list, I'm gonna refer back to this too!

    Because rather than just thinking how I can use something to my advantage I should also think of the DISADVANTAGES, which sometimes I totally space and don't even give that a second thought.

    These are good tips mate, it will help a lot of beginners, such as myself.
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    You are correct when you say in survivalist situations, people and animals both become extremely territorial about places they have set up residency. I think that staying out of sight is always best and most people make the grave mistake of wanting to be near the water. While they may think of it as convenient, every living creature needs water and will likely find that spot and as a result, spot you! It is much more realistic to stay out of sight and travel daily to get the water. Even if it is a mile away, a two-mile round trip daily isn't going to kill anyone, but is definitely far enough to keep you safer.
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    Good points.

    Any place that looks "welcoming" should be avoided and if there's nothing in sight either that too could mean that others have been there and had to leave for some reason and it would be in your best interests not to find out what those reasons were/are. It's better to build your own shelter if you can find the building materials.
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    My thoughts exactly. If it looks like "home sweet home", someone else or something else has the same idea already and it would be best to move along after a brief inspection. When people are out and they find shelter and have been in it for a bit, one of two things could happen. They either welcome you to join the group given that you have something to offer them or they will send you packing without hesitation. It is very important to learn how to build shelter out of various materials so you always have a plan.
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