Where should I place a cache?

Discussion in 'Urban Survival' started by TJames13, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. TJames13

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    I live in the middle of a medium sized city in California, and I know that my home would not be ideal for trying to hunker down in an emergency. I'd like to place a cache of supplies some where that will not be easily discovered but also won't be too hard to get to. All my friends live in the city as well, and I have no other property or locations outside the city with permission to store my cache. Where would you guys recommend me placing a small off-site cache in case my home was compromised before I could relocate my supplies from there. Also if the cache is not on land I own, or know the owner would it be ill advised to hide a weapon.
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  2. Corzhens

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    I think it is not safe to place a cache of supplies in an area that you do not own. If the emergency occurs and the owner of that land had barricaded the property? Maybe it would be best if you find a property owned by someone close to you who would know what kind of cache you are intending to hide. I remember the story of my mother-in-law during the second world war when they left the city and evacuated to the boondocks in the nearby province of Laguna. They were lucky because the land seemed to have no owner. But now, I don't thin there would be land like that for the world is kind of crowded now that land owners are aware of that.

    But as an addendum, you may be lucky to find a reservation for animals or an orchard. Those places can be good for your intention.
  3. Tom Williams

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    Small town handy get a storeage unit place supplies and iteams there make sure it close enough to work and home that a go bag get you there as walk or bike my be how you get there place weapons in chest that lock dont just openly carry them in to store long guns roll in a rug. Or place them in a ceder chest so they are out of sight
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  4. Para173

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    You could always waterproof your stuff and store it underwater somewhere. I know a guy who stores some of his gear underwater in a deep pond on a buddy's land. You could also rent a storage bin away from where you live, say in a small town a few miles away, and store stuff there too. I know another guy who figures that he may have to walk about 100 miles or so to get to his nearest relative's property. He figures if everything breaks down that would be a 4 day walk or so. He rented a storage bin in a small town about half way between his house and his relative's property. He stores some food, water, a little gasoline and ammo in the bin for that just-in-case time if it ever happens.
  5. lonewolf

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    the trouble with caches is not having control over the land or wherever you hide the cache, you take the chance of it not being there when you really most need it.
  6. NomadWill

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    I saw an episode of Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo, and this guy made homeade containers that he swam out in the ocean and anchored them to the sea bed. He stored all kinds of stuff in it and it was waterproof too. I wanna say he also lived in California, or maybe Hawaii or something. Weird Storage idea in my opinion, I'd probably go for the storage container Idea myself.
  7. LilSoldierGirl

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    Why dont you put some supplies at various friend's houses. Can't get home, go to nearest friend's place with your cache that you can reach.

    It gives you options. Options can increase your chance of survival.
  8. woodchipper518

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    I ran this around my brain for a while. I identified places to put a underground stash but never felt comfortable about digging holes in some else's property at 2am. Turns out two pastures have since become a Kroger and an apartment complex. The best option was to use friend's places so I just talked to them about me using their location as a waypoint on my path home in the event of 'inclimate' weather. I opted not to use words like EMP/Solar flare, etc. I currently work 40 miles from home so I needed to find people on my path home which was the hardest part. Then I had to map out a couple of routes, too. I opted to not stash things at their homes, I just found where they kept their hidden keys. I opted to increase my EDC bag to be a multi-day bag and carry it in my car. I also opted to add a 9mm carbine to my car to increase my protection factor...sometimes I swap out for my AR Pistol on a single point sling. My one prepper friend on my path home just moved back to Commie-fornia so his stash is out.

    Good news is that I will moving to a new job in 2 weeks that is only 6 miles from my house and I already have it mapped out. Most of it is power line trails so I can stash things much easier without fear of suburban expansion.
  9. Old Geezer

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    I don't know where to advise one to place their cache. My dad and his buddies used to pay-off the state legislators while the gambling houses paid off the cops. Make "friends" with the police, they are often horrifically underpaid and treated like crap by their departments & communities. When it hits the fan, you can then aid their families and they can aid you via protection. As you make cop-friends, take note of their specific needs. Do their families need specific medications and/or medical supplies? If so, then put back something like insulin for their Type I diabetic children.

    Oh, this memory just came to me. I knew a fellow who worked with the county police in some capacity. When that hurricane, Andrew, went through southern Florida, taking out Andrews Air Base, he and his lot went down there and took care of the police officers' families while they were out putting the place back together again. Everybody's happy. Everybody's got everybody else's 6 o'clock.

    Downside is that you can't do this with large police departments. And if the police happen to be bullies in your area, then you will just have to bug out. If you have a family, this can be held over your head by aggressive cops. You'll be forced to leave and take your supplies with you -- hopefully in convoy with others like yourself. This speaks to one choosing the proper community in which to live.
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