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Discussion in 'Earthquake' started by JimmyJ, Apr 28, 2016.

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  1. JimmyJ

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    Earthquakes happen everywhere. Nobody is safe from an earthquake. And an earthquake could happen in your backyard and swallow your house up at any moment. Theoretically, that is of course. There are places that are more dangerous than others when it comes to earthquakes and the likelihood of one happening.
    States such as California and Utah have extremely sensitive fault lines that run through them. These fault lines are active places were plate tectonics meet and shift. Obviously, wherever you have a fault line is going to experience more earthquakes than places that do not have one. Earthquakes are measured on a Richter scale going all the way up to a 9.9. What are the largest earthquakes in history was in Alaska and it reached a record-breaking 9.8. When earthquakes happen that are this huge they can be felt across the country.
  2. Correy

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    Some places in the margins of the tectonic plates have more tension than others, and it has to do with the current tectonic movement vectors, so living away from the tectonic hotspots doesn't eliminate earthquake danger. Let's compare the photo below (yearly earthquakes) with the tectonic map of the previous post:


    Notice that there are also places a little further out of the tectonic plates that have earthquakes, like volcanic areas such as Yellowstone, and places where there's a lot of fracking. The later ones are called earthquakes induced by fluid injection and lately there seems to be a lot of them in central USA:

    (this one is from the Earthquake Hazards Programme USGS)
  3. Lakeisha Brown

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    I have never experienced an earthquake before but I have family in California that does quite often. I really felt like they should move to a safer state.
  4. lonewolf

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    not something I've ever experienced in the UK.
  5. meganisonfire

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    Has anyone ever heard of the ring of fire? My mom use to tell me as a child that the ring of fire is a bunch of active volcanoes that run along the tectonic plate faults. If a major disaster happens such as a powerful earthquake- it could trigger the ring of volcanoes to go off all at once. I find that really incredible!
  6. Corzhens

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    Earthquakes are not common in our country although there are strong earthquakes in the past. In 1990, a devastating earthquake destroyed buildings in the mountain city of Baguio. Even Metro Manila was hit hard although the damage was not that great. Late last year, there was this so called "shake drill" which is implemented in public schools in the Metro to orient the school children on what to do when there is an earthquake. However, the hype on that shake drill is like scaring people that a big earthquake will occur soon. Until now, seismologists say that there is no means of predicting an earthquake so we should not be alarmed.
  7. audacior

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    Yes! Growing up in New Zealand, we were told all the time about how we were living in the ring and how that's why we had so many volcanoes as well as earthquakes. I find that incredible, yes, but also slightly disconcerting.
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