Where To Purchase First Aid Kits

Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 21, 2016.

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    The important necessity that everyone should have is a first aid kit. When you go to look for first aid kits, there are many places you can purchase them. First aid kits can be found online through many different businesses. Medical quality first aid kits are available through many drug stores and pharmacies. These first aid kits will vary in price starting around $10 and ranging upwards of $100. The good things about these first aid kits are the convenience of having all the essentials packed into one convenient carrying case that is typically labeled with a bright red cross. During an emergency situation, one of these kits can really make a difference. First aid kits can also be purchased at military surplus stores as well as chain stores such as Walmart, Lowe's, and Home Depot.
    If you are an outdoorsman, your typical hunting supply store will also carry a good first aid kit. An outdoorsman's first aid kit may also contain things such as emergency snake bite kits that would not be found in a typical home or office first aid supply box. Depending on where the first aid kit will be used the type of first aid kit that you will need to purchase will vary. If you are looking for a great beginning to an extensive end of the world type first aid kit, it would be best to start with a basic first aid kit that includes medications, bandages, ointments and more then add to the kit to customize it and have it contain everything for your specific situation. These types of first aid kits can be purchased at any of the above mentioned places.
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    I'm a 20 year vet of the fire service as a ff/medic. In my experience I have not found a pre made kit with the money. Not that some are good just way over priced. I've found that buying the right side bag you need an put what you want in it. I have a very extensive kit with my background, it includes a suture kit an a small an large stapler for the wings that you can't suture. Multiple different bandages, tourniquet an a Sam splint. I have a host of meds. The cool thing is you make it this large out small.
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