White Privilege...these People Stopped Thinking For Themselves

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  1. watcherchris

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    I found this video on line and it is a doozy!!!

    Herein the Mayor and the woman sitting next to her are in the process of "Shaking down" this city council with a false blame game narrative designed to instill guilt onto the conscience of people by "Race."

    They try to imply that people are racist by race...

    They use racism or in this instance "Whiteness" as a natural default belief/setting to label others as racist and therefore guilty of racism....naturally...and that they are therefore accountable for this label they have put on others..and must make amends...with their votes.

    This is a "Herding" technique going on all across the country for a few years now and in particular by black groups but it is finding favor through schools and colleges to foist mental and social guilt onto others for the purpose of "Herding" people socially and politically.

    The emotional drama queen status of this mayor and her intolerance while demanding the same from others is priceless.

    This is one manner for which an Ishmaelite works..they try to "Herd" you or put you into bondage or control by such means .

    The more extreme version of this coercion is BLM and ANTIFA...but this is from the same stable. And this mayor, like ANTIFA and BLM is not far from... herself....bullying the council.

    They need you to stop thinking for yourself...and cede all thinking to their guilt/control program...and by this your actions....thus..."Herding." Herding by guilt conditioning.

    I have bookmarked this video for future reference in like manner as how I have also bookmarked "Democide" for reference and used it often on boards like this one . Suggest some of you do the same...

    Observe and learn..for the next time someone wants to use or misuse a Racial "Shake down" on you as a means of censorship or control you by guilt.

    You begin to realize that some people...all they have is race and racism.

    Some people, you realize, all they have is their sex, sexual orientation...and other physical status.

    A thinking educated person never defines themselves by this...index/indexes.

    Historically people have defined themselves by their family lineage..their occupation ..or some great work they have done and left to posterity.

    Never do they define themselves by Race...or sex...sexual orientation ...and other such pabulums.

    And here you see a textbook Pabulum...confusion and an attempt at bondage by a supposedly educated person ...by race. The mayor and the woman to the right of her are the racists here. All they have is race.

    Talk about stupidity run amok...here you see it on video and audio.
    The mayor does not realize this..nor do the others on the council..they are silent....except for that one woman...speaking out.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
  2. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    Many many years ago..on the site...Above Top Secret....someone tried to put this program of White Privilige and White Guilt onto my soul and I was not buying into it then and still do not buy into it.

    However...since those days..I have had numerous opportunities to observe and learn about the Racial Cottage Industry in this country at work. At times it has been sponsored by the government itself. In particular White Privilege and White guilt were thought up by a Feminist named Peggy McIntosh...

    I keep the Wiki article on Peggy Mcintosh in my book marks close to the wiki link on Democide...and for just such opportunities as this one. This for the purpose of getting readers to see...read and think outside of the limits intended by much of the media, television, movies, and public education financed by government.


    White Privilege and White Guilt took off as a social religion ..a dogma if you prefer...under the Obama Administration...as a control/herding technique. Someone realized that is could be used or misused to silence huge swaths of the American Public for fear of being labeled a Racist.

    It literally became a method of control or if you prefer ...censorship....thus...I call it a "Herding " technique. No other thinking pattern allowed or tolerated ...this while demanding tolerance from others.

    This is part and parcel....the rationale behind the often very radical techniques and groups sponsored by the left in this nation...and the violence which has often accompanied them ..while demanding tolerance from others..they give none of the same.

    This is into what the Left has morphed today....the media along with them...doing the same. Public education doing the same.

    This is how deeply this "Shakedown " has moved into our nation for the purposes of such subversion of our basic civilities.

    Some days...just like Gloria Alred....Al and Jesse.. and the Southern Law Poverty Center......you can see them coming....they get so predictable.

    But one aspect of this I also find very disturbing...is the total silence of the Republican Party on this. The Republican Party does not even teach their members to think their way around this...educate their members from such social bullying..Herding. They are SILENT.
    They do not even attempt to teach their people to think their way around such censorship and social bullying.
    They leave the party members and voters floundering on this.
    This is to me a prime indicator that the Republican Party is not Conservative. I have thought for many years now that the Republican Party is only Democrat Lite.

    The Republican Party needs their members and voters to be just as ignorant and herded as do the Democrats.
    The Republican Party is part of the Herding process. The Republican Party too...are Ishmaelites. Keeping people ignorant and thus in bondage.

    And their silence on issues such as this ...White Privilege and White Guilt is very very telling to me....at times even deafening.


    Not an Ishmaelite
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  3. TexDanm

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    There is no longer any such thing as "white privilege". If anything being white is a distinct disadvantage in America now. The law says that you can't discriminate against someone because of their age, race, sex creed or color and then tells the colleges and businesses that they can't hire or promote white anglo saxon people because that is racist. ????? Isn't that discrimination?? People in this country won't be equal until we are ALL treated equally. Personally I believe that the government is terrified that the people will start getting along and then turning to them and expecting them to act right. To insure that this doesn't happen they constantly stir the pot to keep the resentments hot and well mixed.

    A friends son was hospitalized twice from beating by a bunch of black punks that beat him if he didn't have the money to pay them not to. The black principal did nothing to them and told my friend that "Boys will be boys. Dey was just hoss playin.'" Guess who grew up despising black people. My friend went to the police and a black lieutenant asked him to produce witnesses to prove that his boy didn't attack the 5 black boys that were all bigger and older than him. He did what I had done several years before this. He moved out and to a better place that isn't totally run by blacks.

    Folks, trash is trash and it doesn't matter what color that trash is. Unfortunately in America black trash is now cool and encouraged. They are killing other black people in mass and any time a cop tries to stop it he is in trouble and classified a racist. THEN the black people riot and protest because a white person defends themselves and a black criminal gets hurt. So now in most of the inner cities up north the cops don't anylonger try to enforce the law in the ghettos and the murder rate is unimaginable. A white American would be safer walking the streets of Terran than the streets of Chicago or most inner cities after dark!

    We have a real problem and I honestly don't see the governemt ever allowing it to get better.
  4. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    Where I'm from, it's a section of the white population that poses the most danger to civil society.

    I do believe everyone has heard the term, "mean redneck". Well, yea and verily, you my rest assured that these folk do exist. You may also rest assured that your pre-judgements about them are likely true and any actions you may take to avoid such folk are justified and royally so. When forced to travel through some territories, one is wise to go armed. One does not turn the other cheek to those who are base and fallen.

    Uncivilized behavior is a disease within any culture. Disease is NOT to be tolerated. There likely is some origin for any given disorder, however seeking the beginnings of dark behavior is but fodder for scientific investigation. Discovering the origin in no way excuses the destructive behavior. The wise physician treats the patient with antibiotics to kill the invading bacteria and thus return the patient to health. Later on, the physician can publish a paper concerning that which he discovered.
  5. lonewolf

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    its all too p.c in my country, you cant say anything if it might offend someone else and someone is ALWAYS offended.
  6. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    Sadly I know all about THAT too and as far as me personally I've had a lot more trouble with rednecks than I ever have had with black people. I was raised in Beaumont Texas. Right across the river a little piece on I-10 you come to Vidor Texas known locally as Snuff Gully. Back then Vidor was FAMOUS as a Klan Town that made no bones about it. It wasn't odd if you exited the freeway into Vidor to have a Klansman in hood and robes at the stop light passing out Klan literature. There were BIG signs at their city limits warning black no to stop in their town threatening grave repercussions if they did. Those signs were NOT a joke!!

    As much as they hated blacks they didn't limit their crap to just blacks. They hated people like me even more than black people and any time I got bored I would run over to Vidor and piss of some rednecks. According to them a N**** couldn't help being what they were; they were born that way. I CHOSE to be a long haired motorcycle riding hippie!! LOL, I loved it!! What they failed to grasp was that I was not what they thought. I was a long haired motorcycle riding country cowboy and as far as "Peace" I was a kill'em all let god sort them out sort of guy rather than a peacenick. Stupid crackers couldn't see the difference. I wasn't riding a chopper I was on a full dressed highway cruiser but to them it was all the same.

    I had then and have now a lot of friends that have black skin. I have some black family members. My daughter lived with a black guy for a while. I have had black women in my life from the day I was born on and loved them like extra Grandmothers. The problem that I was talking about wasn't basically related to their skin color; rather it was a comment on what happens when you stop enforcing the laws and basic rules of society on a group of people. When there is no repercussions for bad behavior the lowest of ANY group will become monsters. Saddly in the US we not only removed the repercussions, we seem to encourage and admire the worst parts of human nature.

    The crackers in Vidor were no different. They owned the police and the courts and so there were no restraints on their actions and believe me it was bad. If you didn't stand over your stuff with a gun and a junk yard dog it got stolen. You actually had a guy commit suicide by shooting himself 5 times in the back with a single shot bolt action rifle and another that dies of accidental drowning with 4 bullet holes in his head...according to the cops. Way back then a black man stopped there for gas and mistakenly drank a quart of motor oil mistaking it for a soda...according to the cops.

    Trash has many colors. When you stop holding it down it floats to the top and covers up the stuff that isn't trash. It's one of those cases where all good has to do to insure that bad wins is NOTHING!
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