Why Did You Stop Raising That Animal?

Discussion in 'Animal Husbandry' started by streettallest, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. streettallest

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    I grew up in a semi urban setting, where most households raised different kinds of livestock in small scale or semi intensive scale. But looking back, i Discovered that most of those farms have been closed down by the owners. What could be the common reason for this?
  2. Jewelweed

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    My mom gave up on chickens because she hated dealing with chicks. She didn't want to deal with an incubator or hatching worries or the early raising of them until they were big enough to be allowed to go outside. She didn't mind the upkeep on the adult chickens but adding new blood to the flock to replace hens too old to lay was a hassle for her. Once we were grown up, she stopped doing it and the flock eventually all got too old to lay. I went with a few different breeds in my first batch and was lucky enough my first year to get a hen who became broody the next spring. I let her keep her eggs and soon I had a new crop of chicks that required zero work for me. Mama hen tended them just fine and they lived with the flock the whole time. No incubator. No heat lamps. No fuss at all. I loved it and she's raised a brood for me each year.

    The other thing is that many people give up their animals as they become less financially reasonable. For my mom and step dad, keeping a milk cow and chickens and a garden was worth the money they put into them because they produced a good portion of the food needed for the family. Once the kids are grown, two people eat a lot less. Keeping a dozen chickens isn't really any harder than 3-4 chickens...but 3-4 chickens is a lot more work than 0 chickens and it starts to jest be easier and cheaper to buy a dozen eggs a week and be done with it. They can't drink or use all of the milk from a cow with just them in the house either and they can't sell raw milk in their state. So it didn't make sense to keep owning a cow.
  3. remnant

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    I bought a holstein bull barely before it had finished sucking. It caught the attention of people due to its dotted white coat. Over time, it became bigger and I did'nt have enough fodder, I had to use every trick in the book to feed the bull. We became friends over time and was down with grief when time came to sell it. By the end of it all, I was physically and mentally exhausted, I did'nt buy another animal.
  4. streettallest

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    My personal experience was that of poor planning/poor market research. I ventured into raising of broilers based on 'half truth' information a friend gave me about its profitability. I had to invest alot of my savings to construct my chicken pen aswell as other expenses.

    However, after managing the farm for less than 2years and turning out about 10 circles of broilers i started loosing interest in the business very fast for the following reasons:

    * My business location was wrong
    *A lot of unforeseen circumstances
    *Low profit compared to investments put in
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