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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Robin Roberts Jungle, Jun 27, 2017.

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  1. Robin Roberts Jungle

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    Hello! I am new here. I am on this forum due to being fascinated with the topic of survivalism. I read apocalyptic literature every day, such as the book of Revelations, and I frequently research apocalyptic bunkers and how they can help others in times of need. I always wonder if I will be able to run to the mountains if a natural disaster strikes. In my opinion, it is good to ponder the future and the prospect of not being able to see your loved ones again. How did I become so interested in survivalism?

    I have a background in camping and Girl Scouts. We frequently went on trips in the wilderness. I enjoyed looking at the creatures and wondered how do they survive outside of human civilization. Us humans have evolved out of that kind of lifestyle. There is no more survival of the fittest. While we are speaking, however, people have researched modern-day primitive tribes, such as the Korowai in New Guinea. It makes you ask the question, "What will you do if you are pushed to your limits? What will I do to survive?" I read stories such as the story of Noah, or historical accounts of what happened to the Mayans. I am scared that something like 2012 could happen someday. In the meantime, I am always thinking of ways to always be prepared for an emergency, outside of apocalypses.

    Also, I listened to stories of survivors of genocide or dictatorships to gain more insight about how to survive in the wilderness. Now, these people did not live in the wilderness per say, but people such as Kim Hansol and Anne Frank give me an idea of good things to do in emergencies and how I can perhaps extrapolate them to natural disasters.

    I have given you some background about me. I hope to learn more about you and perhaps gain and exchange some wisdom about survivalism from you all. Good day!
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  2. Bishop

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    Welcome to the fourm hope you stick around
  3. Keith H.

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    Good day Robin & welcome to this forum. I hope no one with epilepsy looks at your post!!!
  4. Robin Roberts Jungle

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    Haha! I apologize in advance for that. I am crazy about colors. I hope you all have a good day and thank you for replying to my posts. I wish you all well. Remember that life is the essence of survivalism. The survival of the fittest is for just those people, the fittest. That motto will be your rock through thick and thin. I'm sure it will. Good day!
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