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    Killing with Kindness and Rights without Responsibilities...The fatal flaw in the Western culture?

    When you look at the cultures of the past you find that they lasted for often thousands of years yet our Western Democratically operated culture seems to be falling rapidly apart after only a relatively short period.

    When you look closely at the differences one of the biggest that I see is the idea that if you are nice to people and give them a lot of stuff then they will like you and act right. In the USA you are constantly told all about peoples RIGHTS. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any responsibilities to go with them. If a government is going to offer to help someone that has landed on hard times then is it just totally awful to expect them to try, at least a little bit, to help themselves and not further dig themselves into their trouble?

    For an example if you can't support yourself or your children and we are going to offer you support then at the very least you should stop having kids until you can support yourself and the children you already have. I think that having child after child born into ever deepening poverty is the gravest sort of child abuse and should be treated as such. Instead we reward this by giving them even more money almost none of which goes to actually helping these kids.

    It is insanity to give money to a drug addict!! PERIOD. They will not buy food, pay for shelter, clothing or medical care with it. They just buy more drugs!! If you are poor and we give you a way to buy groceries then we should expect you to not waste this on junk and at high priced convince stores.

    I read a sad story today about a young man that had killed several people. He had been out on bail for several violent robberies. He skipped out on it and was soon caught stealing again and put back in jail where he was soon out on bail again and guess what he killed some people while robbing them. Why was his right to be free SOOOOO much greater than other peoples right to not be robbed or killed???

    I sat on a jury one time and tried a guy for attempted murder. He had a long history of violent crime and this was his second conviction for attempted murder. He would probably be on the streets again today if he hadn't stabbed a jailer a week after we convicted him and was shot and killed. WHY do these people rate so much more mercy than their victims?? Why is being an inept killer a bit better than a successful one. The intent is the same and the punishment should be the same.

    The relative intelligence in the west is plummeting. The people with IQs near to being called retarded are breeding like rats. Every generation is a little dumber than the one before simply because smarter people limit the number of kids to how many they can not only support but also give a boost into successful adulthood. Sending a kid to college costs a LOT!!! Meanwhile the far less gifted have as many kids as possible many if not most of which never finish high school and end up on welfare just like their mothers. I don't mention the fathers because they usually aren't there. We have a guy on Death row here that is trying to claim that he is too stupid to execute. He has 26 kids though with a dozen or so not too bright ladies. BOY what a wonderful gift he has made to the gene pool!!!

    In the killing with kindness area we also have the poor people in third world countries. They can't feed themselves so we feed them and then they are healthier and have even more kids that we feed that have more kids and now there is no hope that they will ever be able to feed themselves. It is just a matter of time before a famine will hit that we can't fix with even our ability and the death tole will be in the hundreds of millions. Even with us seemingly willing to try and feed them; eventually they are going to out breed our ability to grow, process and ship them free food. Instead of offering them endless food how about birth control and expect them to use it if they want our food. The sad thing is that most of these people hate us for not giving them enough and because we have more than they do. So they go have some more kids to show us!!

    Kindness needs to have limits. Rights need to be balanced with responsibilities and if people won't do it then we need to either cut them off and let nature take care of it or take their kids and neuter them. All violent criminals should be fixed before they leave prison. If you already have two or more kids then a vasectomy or tubal ligation should be a required part of getting welfare.

    Convicted felons should never be allowed to vote again and people that have been on welfare for more than a year should not vote until they have worked for a a full year. If you can't run your life without being in jail or having to beg for government assistance then why would you be a good person to make decisions on how this or any country should be run??

    I'm not talking about Social Security where you are getting back what you contributed to or unemployment insurance that you or your employer paid for. I'm just talking about plain welfare for those that won't or can't work an have no physical or mental reason. We have to stop encouraging Drug addiction, laziness and uselessness by paying for it. If you need money or food we should offer you a job. If you won't take it then we take your kids and let you do as you wish including starve to death if that is what you want to do.

    I know it is harsh but the last person that we are killing with our kindness is ourselves and the other good hard working people out there. It is hard to go to the store and shop hard with coupons mostly buying store brands and then when you get to check out watch someone buying top brands, sodas, candy and steaks with their food stamps. Then you drive by the projects and notice that they drive newer and nicer cars than you do and they and their kids are dressed better than you and yours. I have seen this many times where I used to live I went through the projects every day on the way to work and we often shopped at the grocery store near there.

    Our culture is dying because we are killing it with kindness. We take in people from other countries where they are being killed...and as soon as they get here they start wanting to turn our countries into exactly the same sort of pest heaps that they were fleeing!! AND WE LET THEM DO IT!!!! This is insanity. I am beginning to fear that we are just too stupid to be free and don't deserve it any more. We are giving it away as fast as we can to the worst parts of our own population and now more and more to the worst of the worlds population. Sooooo Sad an end for a wonderful idea but in the end for cultures like with people, No good deed will go long unpunished!

    All we can hope is that next time we will do better. People live and die and each generation is a new chance. Cultures are much the same.
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