Why You Should Have a Survival Kit with You Always

Discussion in 'Survival Kits' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Having a survival kit on hand is very important. Survival kits are not just made for the home, office, and automobile survival kits are also made for the outdoorsman, and thrill seeker. Having a survival kit can mean the difference between life and death. This may not always apply to you, but you never know when the situation will occur when you have the chance to help save someone else's life or to help them in their time of need because you had the necessary survival kit equipment accessible to you. Survival kits are made to fit inside of backpacks for those who hike on trails. They also make survival kits that can be attached to bicycles for those who love cycling. If you go out into the woods to walk, hike, run, or ride a bike then you should always have a survival kit with you at all times.

    A snake bite kit, emergency food and medicine, and perhaps even an emergency cell phone that is only utilized when necessary. By keeping the battery turned off nine times out of ten if you need to make an emergency call you don't have enough juice to do so. A cheap Tracfone will set you back about $20 but can be a priceless addition to anybody's survival kit. The importance of having a survival kit with you is a great one. You never know when the opportunity to save a life will be put into your hands. Having the tools and equipment necessary to do this task will make you feel more than prepared it will make you feel good.
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    We have our disaster supplies mostly at the house. However, we have started keeping a kit in the trunk. It's a small suitcase. It has MRE's, bottles of water, a first aid kit, a knife, some medication, a few tarps, and some other random stuff. It makes me feel better knowing that I have something in case I can't get back to the house to access our main stockpile of supplies.
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    Anyone should have at home should have medication such as painkillers, disinfectants, emetics etc. and trauma injury equipment such as bandages and dressings being found in the vast majority of all kits.
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    I have a GHB-get home bag- in the car, this has enough contents to get me back home should I have to abandon the car and walk home.
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    Love the GHB idea. Almost similar to the three tiered option that I thought would be helpful. Similar to the ideas posted above, just an expansion.

    The first tier is your "everyday" kit. This kit goes everywhere with you for the "just in case" moments. It should have everything you need if stranded or caught in a jam. Some things to include would be a folding knife, cords, lockpick and personal weapon of choice.
    The second tier would include the items from the first tier as well as items you can put in a small bag and leave in your car. Some items to include would be a heavy duty knife, compass, first aid kit, and energy bars.
    The third and final tier is similar to post above. It should be like a Go bag or BOB bag. You should have everything in here that should be able to sustain you for at least 72 hours-easily accessible and ready to go always. Some key items to include here would be essential to personal safety, food and water.

    One essential thing to remember is to practice!! Make sure that whatever you decide, you are able to carry all items somewhat comfortably.

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