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  1. jonthai

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    What are some good places you can see advantages in the wilderness? For example in a case of a disaster, do you run to a cave and place a shelter there, do you look for crowded places or not?
  2. lonewolf

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    avoid crowded places like the plague!!!
    a cave might be okay, for a start, but not if its well known.
    you really need to start looking for a suitable place NOW, not after something happens.
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  3. Keith H.

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    IF we had to move from our forest home, we would be travelling further South into wilderness areas. These areas are too far & too vast to check out locations pre shtf, so we would be looking for water first, then decide on whether the area is suitable for the rest of our needs or not.
  4. Corzhens

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    I have posted in another thread about the dangers of a cave especially caves that haven't been reached by man. There are predators in the dark and man would be defenseless in that situation when you are attacked because it is their territory. A cave is usually dark and moist that sometimes have slippery floor. That alone can give you an injury when an accident happens.

    My best bet in the wilderness is the shelter under a big tree. But before I continue, let me say that I would also consider staying in the mouth of the cave especially when it is raining, but only in the opening and not inside the cave. Anyway, a shelter by the tree is an open shelter that exposes you to other predators in the wild like bear or wild boar. And one defense is a wooden stick that you can shape like a spear so you can have a weapon if you are attacked. Don't forget that you can run around a big tree to parlay the attack of a predator so that is one advantage of a big tree... or maybe you can climb it?
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