Wildfires And One's House

Discussion in 'Efficient Living' started by Pragmatist, Oct 6, 2020.

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    The posed question in article: Use money to rebuild or to retreat?

    Professor Dale: Your "managed retreat" philosophy won't win awards. There are also too many people on the Atlantic coast's tidal flood plain ... includes your area. This tidal flood area also has too many people. Can't someone at Paradise, California, where they had the huge wildfire, move to New York City or Trenton, New Jersey or Lincoln, Nebraska ?

    California hasn't leveraged innovation and technology to solve their homeless tragedy.

    It might be "known to the state of California" that homelessness cannot be leveraged but other areas properly and timely address the homeless situation.
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    You roll the dice and take your chances. No place is absolutely safe or danger free. Plan, Prep and do your best. Man cannot stop Mother Nature but man can prep to mitigate her bad moods.
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    Good afternoon TMT,

    Exactly !

    The Professor at Columbia Univ, NYC recently experienced Super Storm Sandy.

    It's all a tradeoff.
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    When driving through the mountains, I witness fools building on or near mountaintops. Oxygen imbibing idiots displacing oxygen producing trees. Maddening. Suffice it to say that it has never possessed me to pray for the Forestry Service in any of their efforts to rescue such interlopers from one of Mother Nature's infinite number of little burn-offs.

    Japan built a nuclear power plant on an earthquake fault adjacent to the mighty Pacific. How uniquely brilliant!

    And then there are the really big egos. Watching big egos buying big bang-ups is brilliant. Darwinian selection at work. In gambling, the House always wins (Dad made money off idiots). Out in the world, Mother Nature always wins. And then there's the gravity thingy.

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