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Discussion in 'Finding, Purifying, and Storing Water' started by randyt, Sep 8, 2019.

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  1. randyt

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    At my cabin I've pounded down three well points and hit some thing at 13 feet or so.

    So last weekend I picked up a second hand well drilling rig. A chintzy little thing but I have seen them work. It comes with a trash pump and 100 feet of drill stem. Several bits and misc.
    In the next couple weeks I'm going to start drilling. I know a fella that went down 100 feet with one of these.
    Mine is a deep rock brand.
    If I get through the hard spot, I'll drop down a pvc well pipe and screen. I intend to turn up a pump cylinder on the lathe and put in a hand pump.

    I'm going to post photos and my results here when the time come
  2. Keith H.

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    Very best of luck mate, I hope it all turns out well (no pun intended:)). Looking forward to further news on this project. This has got me thinking that I might give it a go myself! I must look into this further.
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  3. Sourdough

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    Wishing you LUCK.
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  4. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Randy,

    My well wishes here.
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