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Discussion in 'Animal Husbandry' started by talob, Apr 4, 2019.

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    Less than a year ago we bought three of the most wonderful hogs two sow's and a boar, the name of this breed is the Kune Kune pig an old heritage breed. Some of the attributes of this pig are they are a very docile critter they get along with all other animals they just have a very nice disposition, they are a pasture pig, they don't root, don't test fencing and they are a smaller pig our adults weigh in at about three hundred to three fifty which makes them easy to handle, guess if they have a down side they are a slow growing critter so takes a year or more to get to butcher size, haven't eaten any yet but are supposed to be a lard hog with good marble to the meat. Am wondering if anyone else here has any experience with these pigs.
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