World's Largest Critical Care Unit

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    It's a pop-up hospital.

    They're doing it right with color-coded vests. Article shows Lime Green, Orange, Yellow and military in their camo.

    With the personnel and patient numbers mentioned, there will be a dedicated staff to keep tabs on who is where and who enters/leaves the place. It is a massive undertaking. Don't know about how the Brits will do it but I can't keep the smokers from taking smoke breaks next to the medical oxygen supply. It's reall about a state government failure here.

    Numbers like those mentioned for bed expansion to an area about a "dozen soccer patches" generates the need for various types of "golf cart" transport in and around the pop-up hospital. They are needed and loved by the staff - the medic folks, the logistics people, .. all the rest. The "golf carts" are valuable ! and must be controlled or they get lost to different departments, sections, organizations no one knew were even present.

    The Brits are doing this pop-up hospital stuff right.
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