You Might Not Always Have a Kit- Then What?

Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by TheSurvivalEnthusiast, Apr 26, 2016.

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    During the time of disaster, or other emergency first aid is going to be required. You may not always be near a hospital or pharmacy where first aid supplies are readily available. Sometimes you may find yourself out in the country or in the wilderness and in need of basic first-aid necessities. In an emergency situation, if you do not have a first aid kit there with you, you will want to try to acquire some as soon as possible.
    Depending on your situation you will have to adapt to find the supplies. If you are in trouble one of the easiest ways to find your bearings is to look for a highpoint in order to survey the area around you. This will often times let you see roads, rooftops, or other signs of civilization in which you will be able to possibly obtain first aid supplies.


    In an instance where you are surviving in the country or wilderness away from doctors and hospitals, it is a wise idea to study basic plant medicines that are available around you. Knowing how to make these medicines and what they are can be the difference between good and bad health in a situation that calls for first aid. It is also important to learn how to make simple first-aid items such as bandages out of things found in nature in the event that you ever find yourself without a first aid kit and in need of one. I find that always carrying a small first aid kit with you in your vehicle as well as having one at home gives you a relatively close access to the basics that you may need whenever you need them. You can never be too prepared.
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    For most minor things
    The tweezers on your swiss army knife, a strip of cloth, a little clean water and you are set!
    Tweezers to remove any foreign matter, water to flush it clean and cloth strip to bind it!
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    Also for broken bones and dislocations, even sturdy carton box paper will do to keep the limb stable until help arrives or until it heals (if you've given up hope of rescue)...or branches that we find on the ground, but these accidents don't always happen in vegetated areas (it could happen in a rocky dessert for example).
    For open wounds it's crucial to know the basics of disinfection, especially if you didn't happen to stack your pack with antibiotic gause, like using alcohol or silver dilutions, or even cauterising a really bad wound. Some plants have adequate disinfectant properties, but they might not grow nearby.
    It would be interesting to make a mini-atlas of emergency plants!
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    Definitely think the most important thing to keep in mind is keeping any wounds clean. If you have clean water to flush it out with that's a good start. Wounds can be bound with a strip of fabric torn off clothes, or a leaf as shown here. It definitely would be useful to know the medicinal plants in the area you are in too!
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    Everything sounds painful to bear. But is far better than a certain death for sure. Indeed, is quite handy to have a compendium for mushroom, herbs and plants for medicinal and food purpose. I think is crucial to bring along with you gause and disinfectant such as alcohol, you never know when you are going to need an improvised tourniquet to prevent bleeding.
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