Your Choice Of Clp Spray?

Discussion in 'Guns' started by CivilDefense, Jun 6, 2017.

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  1. CivilDefense

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    CLP, of course, stands for Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative. I'm curious what you are using on your firearms.

    I've used a bunch of the years. Ballistol is the primary I use these days, though 3-in-1 oil, RemOil, and Eezox in recent years too.

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  2. Mauser'sDaDa

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    Hoppe's Gun Medic cleaner and lube works just fine with my modded S&W M&P 15 Sport 2 AR-15. It works well For cleaning and lubing its Toolcraft Nickel Boron HPT/MPI BCG. too. Wally World sells it.
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  3. TMT Tactical

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    Hoppe's for barrel cleaning, 10w 30 synthetic motor oil for lubrication.
  4. Morgan101

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    I use Hoppe's and Shooter's Choice products mostly. I did try some Remington Action Cleaner which seemed to work fine. I used it on a very limited basis.
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