Zombie Movie In Prep

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Pragmatist, Aug 1, 2019.

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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon all,

    A new Zombie movie is being filmed in central Virginia. Hopewell, Virginia is south metro Richmond.

    The real "zombie wasteland" is Richmond.

    Note that "local talent is being sought". There's an abundance of zombies in the Northern Virginia Autonomous Oblast.

    Does "specialty movement / dance allow for the minuet ? (to the tune of the Blue Danube) and square dancing ?

    Full particulars: age bracket: 18 - 99.
    Union: Masters, Mates and Pilots. Kindly provide an additional 4 ghost worker checks for weekly payday.

    Explain lodging arrangements. Forget the self-made waffles. Need healthy ADA-compliant foods.

    If Loretta Swit isn't in the movie (Major Margaret H.L. Houlahan, RN, NC, US Army 87th MASH, APO San Francisco, 12345) I won't go to this movie.
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  2. Morgan101

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    Good for them. I hope it all goes well. I really do.

    Leave it to some dumb ass politician to " tout the expected creation of high paying jobs... and economic opportunities". They are there for two weeks. Is somebody going to make their first million in two weeks? What a blowhard.
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  3. lonewolf

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    the only zombies I am worried about are stupid politicians who don't do what the voters told them to do.
    post SHTF the only zombies are drug addicts(legal and illegal) and the dying sheeple.
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