Ancient Aliens or just past advanced human civilizations

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When The Chariots of the Gods burst upon the world it filled a nitch in people that had been previously filled by other ideas. People more than anything else are the curious animal. We spread across the planet not because as our population grew and we HAD to spread out, rather we always NEEDED to know and see what was over that next hill, mountain or sea.

As we spread out into every nook and cranny we explored also all the many different ways that people can learn to live together. Some of these ways were very successful and some seemed to stunt the people forced to live in those cultures. They ranged from simple to complex and gentle to horrific.

At various times you had people living at almost a caveman level of hand to mouth roaming hunter-gatherers to extremely civilized agricultural societies. In recent times you have had virtual stone age cultures in places and people living at the same time as people in other places had steam power and electricity.

The ideas that Erich Von Daniken proposed in Chariots of the gods took the place of the previous idea that there had been previous high-level human civilizations in the far past prehistorical times. Atlantis, Mu and a myriad of other mythical civilizations all over the world are in the root histories of every culture.

We as a people, all over the world have found remnants of previous civilizations that seemed to be able to build and do things that were far advanced of what we conceived to be possible for those “primitive” peoples. In many cases, their things were so far advanced that we are not sure even today that they could be duplicated. The current Ancient Alien theories are in vogue but I suspect that this will swing back into another direction pretty soon unless some incontrovertible proof is found and presented to us.

I propose that the idea of Ancient Advanced civilizations was at least as likely and as easily supported as the idea that of ancient alien visitors. That idea in some ways answers questions that the alien theory ignores. The idea that the ancient gods as described in so many ancient texts could have been people from advanced human civilizations as seen by people in primitive cultures fit just as well or better than aliens.

In so many of these old myths and stories, you had “gods” with highly technological devices coming among the primitive people and doing amazing things and then also doing less amazing things like having sex with them and breeding sons and daughters there. This sort of behavior would seem to me to be rather unlikely unless the aliens were wired much differently from us. On the other hand, this is typical of how people act and have acted when in the historical past that high-level civilizations have come in contact with lower-level civilizations.

The fact that these unions were fertile would make you think that they were between people of the same species. The stories of these mixings don’t sound like the people were taken in and had medical type procedures done to them. The women involved described it as simply having sex with them.

An example of how primitive people see people from other vastly more advanced civilizations can be found in modern times. During WW2 we built airfields on islands all over the Pacific. On some of these islands, you had primitive cultures that had not had a lot of contact with more advanced peoples. We went to their islands, built airstrips and for a few years, the people there were exposed to modern machinery and were given all sorts of nice things by the servicemen there. At the end of the war, we gathered up our stuff and left. Years later when people returned to those islands in Melanesia they found dirt landing strips and wooden sculptures of Airplanes. The natives had seen the visitors as gods or at least people from the gods. They wanted them to come back with their cargo planes and again gift them with that CARGO. From that grew the belief that by building their magic roads, landing strips, and putting wooden planes on them would bring us back. This quasi-religion was called the Cargo Cult.

The question that shines here is IF there was at one time extremely advanced civilizations on this planet, Where did they go and why aren’t there more advanced ruins and proof of their existence? I think that there has been evidence found occasionally but when it is found it is so unbelievable and contrary to our current beliefs that it is just cast aside as impossible.

The other question is, what happened to them? This answer is rather simple. They were wiped out by some sort of massive cataclysmic event that nearly wiped us out as a species and we had to start all over from a stone-age level and work back up.

The fact is that even in our historical times we see evidence of this happening all over the planet. The civilizations of the Pre-Mayan South American civilizations, Egyptians Chinese, Cambodian, Native American and Indian all have ruins that indicate that at one time they rose to a high level and then seemed to fall back to a more primitive culture. There is even proof in our genetic diversity that on at least two occasions man has been nearly wiped out and had to come back from a very limited gene pool.

What I think may have happened is that at a time in the past we had another rather quiet period on this planet much like what we have had for the last few thousand years and more especially in the last 5 to 6 hundred years. All over the world possibly at different times cultures have risen to a point where it could suddenly take off.

How much of the current civilization would have left massive ruins had something happened to us prior to 1700? Then to look at how fast a culture can rise once a certain point is reached. My Dad was born to a world where people were still using animals for power and lived to see us go to the moon.

Due to certain cultural influences, I think that our civilization was held back and any advances were crushed for a long time. We rose to and then stayed at the wind and animal-powered level. As we stayed at that level our population has grown huge.

In a past cycle had we not stayed at that level for so long you could easily have had small populations that hit that point of rapid advancement. One of the side effects of that advancement is that you eventually take control of your birth rate and so that the population would stay relatively small.

80% 0f the worlds population lives within 60 miles of the coasts. Nearly all of the megacities are coastal. During the last ice-age, the oceans were 400 feet lower than today. Where are the ruins of those great past civilizations? 400 feet under the oceans and seas covered in silt.

There are all sorts of ways that a coastal civilization could be wiped out. The end of the ice age might have been more sudden than had been thought in the past. Increased vulcanization could have created massive global warming resulting in rising ocean levels. Indications are that global warming and ice ages run on a 100-thousand-year cycle. Mankind may have risen and fell many times in the past. If a culture rose faster without the centuries-long slow down how high might they have risen before the next fall took them out? Might we, if we ever return to the moon. Find footprints made in places that our current travels have never trod?

Our current culture is in another slowdown. If this cycle ends tomorrow in 15 thousand years might we be the gods from the past? One of the questions that this idea answers that the Ancient Alien Theory leaves unanswered is what happened to those ancient gods? Why did they abandon us and where did they go. The answer may be that they didn’t go anywhere because they are us. When we fall on hard times the stories about life before the fall will become more and more fantastic sounding to those that have fallen so far back that again we must start from almost the bottom from a vastly reduced population.

Why would we fall so far. It is simple. As we have advanced the knowledge level of the people falls in the areas of individual action. How many people today know how to make soap, refine iron and steel from iron oxide, or even grow the foods that they would need to survive. Even the foods that we now eat are mostly totally dependent on technology to survive. Nearly all of the plants that we eat are grown from hybrid seeds and the seeds from those plants will either be infertile or not grow as the same plant.

We all use these amazing devices but so few actually understand how they work. The average American for example knows almost nothing that would have been applicable to someone in the 17th century. Primitive people are self-reliant and know how to take care of themselves. As we have advanced those abilities are no longer needed and are forgotten.

All of the hard-learned lore of our ancestors is lost to the vast majority of people. If something happens that takes away the high level of civilization most of its people will die with it. The survivors will be those that were least invested in that culture and so are able to return to the lifestyle of their ancestors. This will be a very small percentage.

The tombs of those last ancestors are probably 60 miles off the coast. Buried in the silt waiting until they next rise from the depths and into the sun.

I sat in the darkness unable to sleep and thought about this. I then wrote it up so that you can be bored to sleep and not have to deal with my insomnia.