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Blog Posts:
Any member who has has been active for a least a few weeks and who has a lot of positive activity on their account may make a blog post, if you can't make a post please contact an admin. You must follow these rules or your blog post will be pulled and you may not be allowed to post anymore to the blogs section.

*Advertisers* If you are wanting to make a post to promote your product, website, social media profile, youtube channel, etc. you must have a gold supporter account upgrade ($197 per year, under account upgrades), the blog post must be relevant and follow all of our rules ( no viagra or other spammy topics), you can only post 3 links max per article. As soon as you upgrade your account you can make blog posts. If you have any questions contact an administrator.


  1. Content must be original and non-copyrighted. Don't plagiarize anyone else's work. If you are going to use someone else's work as a reference please cite them at the bottom of your post.
  2. Posts need to be lengthy and more detailed than forum posts. Blog posts at a minimum should be 500 words.
  3. Use a clear and descriptive title. No short titles!
  4. Use correct grammar and spelling.
  5. No direct promotions without a Gold Supporter Account (If you are wanting to link to someone else's content as a reference please message an administrator after your post is published and we will add the links in)
  6. Only use public domain or non-copyrighted pictures. You will have to add them as an upload at the bottom then you will be able to put them in your post, or you can link to the URL directly. You can also add them to the gallery and link to them.
  7. Blogs may be featured in our email newsletter or on any other part of the website.
  8. Our staff retains the right to modify a blog post for any reason. If we see grammatical errors we may adjust as necessary. Don't expect this, we may pull the post if it has too many errors.
  9. Remember that this is a one-sided piece of information. Users can comment and add to the article but the post itself needs to be complete and detailed. Please take discussions over to the forum and start a new thread if one doesn't already exist.


    1. GrizzlyetteAdams Sep 3, 2019
      I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but if you retain the copyright to your work, I don’t think it would be a problem.

      At least I hope not because it is pretty much what I did. Except I cleaned it up better and tightened it up before posting it here.

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    2. varuna Sep 3, 2019
      Is it ok if I copy-paste my own post (which is more like a short essay) from other survival forum into this blog? :confused:
      Thanks beforehand :)
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    3. GrizzlyetteAdams Sep 3, 2019
      Varuna, until Branchd77 responds to your question, I'll chime in:

      With a blog, the importance weighs heavily on the initial post which is often written in essay-style. Forum posts, on the other hand, can be as simple as a single sentence or paragraph inviting discussion.

      Blog posts are archived on the author’s profile and also indicated the information area beneath their avatar.

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    4. varuna Sep 3, 2019
      Newbie question. What is the different between posting something here in the blog vs posting something in the forum / sub-forum? :confused:
      Thanks beforehand :)
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