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I currently live in Pennsylvania and wanted to know of any really great hiking trails. I only know of the Delaware water gap, and am really interested in which hiking spots are worth it.

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    1. arctic bill Oct 16, 2019
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    2. arctic bill Oct 16, 2019
    3. arctic bill Oct 16, 2019
    4. CountryGuy Sep 19, 2019
      DeanB, what part? I grew up in more to the western part but now live in the central Susquehanna valley area. In fact I was born in a small town people only know about due to a rodent and the second day of February...
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    5. Radar Sep 19, 2019
      National forest lands in PA, three I believe...Alleghany, Susquehannock, Buchanan.
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    6. DeanB Sep 9, 2019
      Good information. Grew up in PA., great trails exist all over.
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    7. CountryGuy Sep 4, 2019
      There are a load of trails in PA including part of the AT. if you go to the PA parks and DCNR pages you can find all sorts of maps, links and info on trails all over. Almost every state park has some trail circuit. Out here in central PA there are a few bigger trails like the mid state. A little GoogleFoo and you'll have all kinds of info.
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