how would your family react if you told them one day that you were going off the grid?


Robin Roberts Jungle

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Many of us take our loved ones for granted. I know I do. If I were to go off the grid and tell my parents, my mom would be sad. She would tell me to continue my education. She would not see the value of going off the grid. After all, when you have access to all the electricity and Internet you can want, along with good food, why would you? Maybe she might not see the value in going off the grid. My dad would mainly agree with her. They would be the strict parents that they always have been. I don't know how my sisters would react. Their behavior is always a mystery to me. My grandmother would be the saddest of all. When I see her reaction, I will get second thoughts about going off the grid.


    1. Ystranc Jul 9, 2017
      We're already most of the way there, my other half has been cheering me on all the way. We're not stepping back into the dark ages either but doing it properly.