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Africa is a continent in the world that has many countries in it, these countries hardly witness snowfall at time they may be no rainfall for a very long time which may result to drought and poor harvesting season. More than 2/3 of Africa countries witness serious sunshine in certain months especially during dry seasons, at this period of time planting will be done in hope for rain but sometimes the rain may fail to come so they will have to water it themselves. Most time its may get out of hand and the government may have to put efforts to support things and avoid famine in the country.


    1. Ystranc Jul 16, 2017
      the mistrust and violence between some tribes is usually caused by competition for life and death resources that has become like a punitive vendetta. The worst thing that ever happened to sub Saharan Africa was the AK47.. I would like to present the other side of Africa, the warm welcome that I've received there, the hospitality and from people who could scarcely afford it make me proud to have been acquainted with them. For the most part they're just good people trying to make their way in a harsh land
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    2. jeager Jul 15, 2017
      There are about 55 countries in Africa.
      Depending upon which tribe, group, is trying to exterminate the
      Sadly African Americans do the same thing.
      Yet African natives still blame the white man for all their
      African Americans still do the same blame game thing.
      It's a matter of history that competing African tribes raided
      each others villages and took prisoners as slaves, often
      selling prisoner slaves to white slave traders.
      I guess the old saying "money talks and bullshit walks" holds