13x16 Canvas Wall Tent W Angle Kit And 6 Screened Windows - $845

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    This is a new 13x16x5 wall tent with an angle kit. $845

    Please visit our website at www.elkmountaintents.com for more pictures, information, and options, including other tent sizes (13x13, 13x20).

    Standard Features

    •6 Screened Windows

    •20 Piece Angle Kit. (This allows you to build your own complete frame out of 3/4" EMT conduit, or 1 3/8 top rail if you would like something stronger)

    •Wire Support System. (Provides additional structural strength by tying your angle pieces together, as well as a place to hang gear)

    •Water Resistant Treatment

    •5ft Sidewalls

    •Zippered Front and Back Doors

    •Ridge Openings at the top of the tent (a pully-based drawstring allows you to open and close without a ladder)

    •Uncut Fiberglass Stove Pipe Jack w/Cover (can cut 4", 4.5”, 5", 5.5”, or 6" opening)

    •Reinforced Corners, Ridges and Pole Locations

    •Integrated Sod Cloth

    •Eve Ropes and Tensioners

    •Tent Bag

    •Angle Bag

    •Large Tent Stakes

    •Instructions for purchasing and cutting conduit for your frame

    Here is a video showing the tent features:

    Tent Material

    Our unique polyester tent material is an 11 oz canvas with a breaking strength of 449 lbs (warp direction) and 382 lbs (fill direction), making it significantly tougher than traditional canvas which has a breaking strength of 382 (warp) and 241 (fill) for 12 oz canvas and about 210 (warp) and 140 (fill) for 10 oz canvas. The tear strength is 67 lbs (warp) and 40 lbs (fill); this is roughly double that of the Sunforger canvas material used by other tent companies.

    We believe this is the best material for your wall tent for the following reasons:


    ◦will not rot like cotton canvas

    ◦will not mold

    ◦will not mildew


    ◦ideal for packing into backcountry

    ◦easier to set up and move than cotton canvas tents

    ◦our 13x16 tent weighs less than 60 lbs

    •Highly durable

    ◦high tear strength

    ◦high breaking strength

    •Water Resistant

    ◦will not absorb water like cotton

    ◦specially treated to be highly water resistant

    **If you would like a free sample of the canvas we use in our tents, please email us a request including your contact information.

    (Complete Frame Not Included)


    $60 flat rate shipping and no sales tax anywhere in the continental US.

    We also ship to Canada for a flat rate of $155 (USD). For Canadian customers, there are additional duties and taxes paid directly through Fedex, estimated at $190 (USD).



    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ElkMountainTents

    Tumblr: www.elkmountaintents.tumblr.com


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