.357 Mag Reloading

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    I’ve done a bit of reloading for the .357 mag over the years. Then I bought a Rossi 92 in .357. I found it liked the Hornady 140 grain XTP HP over 18 grains of Winchester 296 and a cci magnum primer. (Hodgdon load data). I found this load isn’t bad at all in the ruger Gp100 . That’s 1800 FPS and 1000 foot pounds of muzzle energy from my little Rossi. I feel that’s more than enough and there is no recoil. Recoil is kind of wicked in the S&W640 snubbie tho. But overall I’d like to try this on one of our Florida deer and see how it works. Biggest deer I ever shot here in Florida was about 150 pounds.
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