A Car Survival Kit Should be a Must for Everybody

Discussion in 'Survival Kits' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Having a survival kit in your car is an important part of safety for you and the occupants of your vehicle. Many people have a spare tire and jack in their car but do not carry an emergency survival kit. This does not make good sense. An emergency survival kit does not take up much room and can be an extremely beneficial item to have in a vehicle. A good emergency survival kit to have in your car, for example, will contain a backup food supply, fresh, clean drinking water, medicine, and other items depending on where you live. Should you live up north where it is winter most of the year having emergency blankets, warmer pockets, and even a small propane heater along with a bag of cat litter and a shovel are almost necessities in your car.
    Down south having plenty of water, food, and if you are one of those who have enough money a small portable emergency air conditioning will make for an excellent emergency survival kit in hot environments. Emergency survival kits can be tailored around the needs of the individual and can range from the essentials, all the way up to high-end luxury commodities. People from every lifestyle and every walk of life should have emergency survival kits in their vehicles. If you don't have an emergency survival kit in your vehicle, you should put one together today.
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    I have ben carrying one of these for years, fits in a small(very small) bag and is hidden beneath the drivers seat where it lives on a permanent basis.
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    My big thing is I like to have things that can be grouped together to make a larger system. For instance. I have an EDC (every Day Carry) it has a few items in it but it is a small container backpack. In my truck I have my sleeping/cover kit. It is all in a small waterproof bag (Mil Style butt pack) that easily attaches to the bottom of my EDC. Mix in my hunting kit (all in a map case. My med kit, and my AR-7 and my Taurus Judge (vehicle def weapon) and a few MRE's and protein bars, then I'm kitted with a full GHB (Get Home Bag).
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    I've slowly started gathering things in the car that will be helpful in case of an emergency. However I don't currently have the things gathered in a bag I can carry. I know I still need to add quite a few things but so far I have a very nice first aid kit, a few hundred feet of paracord, some dry non-perishable food, some water, and a decent pocket knife. I'd like to get a crank radio and a solar charger to keep in the car soon, and a bag to gather all the stuff together to make it easy to grab in case I need to get away from the car fast. And once I am happy with my car being sufficiently prepared I get to duplicate it for my wife car.
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