A Covid-19 Cover Up New Video Clip To Me. Techniques Used To Indicate That To Me. Maybe A Warning Of

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    A Covid-19 cover up new video clip to me. Techniques used to indicate that to me. Maybe a warning of more outbreaks to come. As the flue gets worst and flue like viruses. Tougher more contagious.

    2nd place in the world to be posted.

    [URL unfurl="true"]https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/cana...heories-covid-conspiracies-podcast/ar-AAMjTSw[/URL]

    Headline at beginning of TV news video. (FRM CDC DIR: NOT "PLAUSIBLE" STARTED IN NATURE). They used caps, so I will use caps. Remember old people are more easily infected and more die, or have other serious health consequences, as a general rule.

    When you listen to the five minute interview video closer to bottom of page in the link. All kinds of tactics are being used that indicate that this argument (news) can not be won otherwise. Just like in nation TV new shows, and talk shows, they use to do all the time, to win debates. Maybe they still do.

    The other side is not even given a chance to rebuttal.

    Person attacks are used.

    I can furrow my eyebrow too and say 2 + 2 = 7. Doesn't mean what I say is true. Too bad they can not be trusted.

    I can furrow my eyebrow too and say 2 + 2 = 4 is a lie. Doesn't means what I say is true. Too bad they can not be trusted.

    Sometimes legal mumble jumble, is used to win debates, where you do not understand, or have to take someone words it's true. That legal thing. Scientific mumble jumble seems to be getting used here instead. But in the same way.

    Current government scientists are making statements with careers on the line maybe. Or just there massive funding personally at stake.

    Says the US government funded the scary stuff there in China. Seems to indicate to me. Things are being done in China, that are considered, too dangerous, to do anywhere else. As in not allowed to be done, any where else in the world, with the know how, to do this. They simply will not allow it.

    When someone produces "scientific literature" and they just quote it basically. Was it produced afterwards, to "discredit". Lots of scientific literature gets produced, saying lots of things. That in itself means nothing. Quoting some paper or other. Only millions dead, etc. A ravaged work economy too.

    Governments do cover-ups all the time. I explained that years ago online. The worst it is, the more likely, the government will have a cover-up (individual people or government departments). No government worker, or department wants to get into trouble for anything. Let alone something like this. Where the government as a whole basically has to respond. Bureaucrats and politicians basically.

    Later into video, making dismissive comments into individual articles only basically. Very specific thing being said, only about very specific events, or articles if you may. Like the police do when they make public statements, and are worried about being sued, or committing crimes themselves depending. Damage control (PR) basically.

    Comments like there was no host animal identification. Means it was done in a lab to me. Not in the wild "nature". That's more proof to me. That host animal, may have gotten eaten in China, if it did occur in nature. That is a real possibility. They do eat bug and such on purpose. No host animal before related to this virus though anyware.

    Another statement basically made. These facts were not able to get published in peer review journals. Well there subscriptions, and such would dry up. Lots of funding would become at risk. Instead of being handed out like candy, all over the world apparently. Less careers security. Less easy funding. The governments tends to use whole sale blanket responses to disasters. Like much much harder to get funding. New policies get enacted. As you will read later. Probably not a good idea in this case. May another epic disaster in the making. Really. Just as bad or worst.

    There should be, no circumstantial evidence at all, or almost none, in such a disastrous situation. There are serious problems in this entire industry. In china with there corruption as it seems to be. Well they get the money, and take too much, so proper maintenance is not done. The same with there possible bio hazards too safety measures. Like with there bullet trains, that require lots of maintenance, or you can have a disaster. Same with bio-hazard safety measures. You can easily have disasters, if all the proper maintenance and safety measure, is not done, all the time. No one would dare complain who works there either in a place like China. In Canada and the US, we just pay too much, but it still gets done mostly. A few bridges have collapsed, and such, in the past. Well beyond there past due date, or use by date. Some new bridges in the US to swaying. Well maybe pushing the edge of real world physics, in that case, with swaying bridges and such. So hard to make new structures like that. Legal battles and such.

    Statement "now we have seen other asymptomatic spreading viruses, but they are ones, that are well known. and when they usually originally transmit, like the flue, ah in the initial wave when people are exposed to a new strain of it, they keep get sick symptomatically, ah so there's like (there seems like there no real president for this). That bracketed part seems like to me further circumstantial proof, that this was an man made mutated virus, or there would be a huge body of knowledge, about this virus doing this.

    A high level doctor on CBC national news, here in Canada, said that Covid viruses, do not mutate much. Then mutations started getting reported around the world. A educated guess here, by someone, with real little knowledge, but it that could be mutating, because so many people have been infected worldwide (covid). Only some appear sick, that are sick and contagious. So maybe any virus, when it mutates for any reason, and becomes highly contagious, like the flue, or made like the flue.

    So any virus, could become like Covid (flue level contagious). SARS in the past, etc. Kind of explains AIDS in some ways. Just didn't spread like the flue. Was still very contagious in the way it was spreading.

    Hopefully the government has decided now, to start seriously trying to cure the flue now, instead of entire generals of scientists, coasting alone, having careers, and doing nothing, to really stop the spread of the flue. The flue I believe, is getting tougher, and tougher, as time goes on (decades). Like with bacteria that get antibiotic resistant. Super-antibiotic resistant bacteria, they were called for a time. Hospitals had brochures about it you could grab. There were documentaries on TV about it. Seems plausible to me.

    Just starting to become a problem, if not a actual bio-weapon release accidents. Maybe some serious thought, will take place, regarding this, in the near future before something like this happens again. Like SARS before, SARS just was not as bad as covid. Maybe it could have been. The next one could be worst, or the one after that. In our lifetimes again. Can be looked upon, as a gift of a warning, before this type of thing gets even worst, and happens more, as time passes by. Some good, maybe out of this. It meant something important. That's what I meant for the dead and suffering.

    More can be said about this interview.

    So we need real research being done, to eradicate the flue, and flue like viruses, around the world. We have enough bio-weapons already. We do not need more bio-weapons. We have enough.
  2. George Collins

    George Collins Expert Member

    Blog Posts:
    Wow is all I can say when you watch this video.

    Fauci Explodes on Rand Paul After Being Confronted on Misleading Testimony | DM CLIPS | Rubin Repo
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