A Coworker Trying To Get His Ham License And Learn The Radio

Discussion in 'Other Advanced Survival Skills' started by watcherchris, Jun 3, 2018.

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    One of my co workers saw my shortwave set , my Tecsun PL660, and my home brew external antenna and also my Baofeng BF F8HP dual band walkie talkie.

    He has decided to go test for his Technician class Amateur Radio license. He has been studying the question pools available on line for the Technician class license test. He is going to try to take the test this coming week. I wish him well.

    He has ordered himself a Baofeng UV 5 R walkie talkie and I have programmed him some frequencies in it on the ham bands as well as the MURS frequencies and also the FRS/GMRS frequencies.

    Plans are that if he passes the test I will give him one of my home made j pole antennas and a antenna adapater to hook up his Baofeng radios to a better antenna system and thus get into more of the local repeaters than just using the marginal issued rubber duckie antennas provided with these radios.

    He is in an Apartment so we are going to be going "Stealth" On his external antenna set up by blacking it out with a dark magic marker.

    He also tells me that once he gets familiar with the set up and radio protocalls ...he also wants to test for General class.

    If he gets a general class HF rig and suitable license I will encourage him to get in with me and my friend on the 75 meter band where we often talk. I will show him how to hoist up a stealth wire antenna.



    We are both big 2A people and I am also introducing him to the concept of prepping and the part of the radio as a management/survival tool in the same.
    For many preppers are hams and also big 2A people...as part of their remaining independent...self reliant.

    Time will tell and I wish him luck in his endeavors....and will continue to encourage him in learning how to use the radio...now ..ahead of time before anything like SHTF happens.


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  2. watcherchris

    watcherchris Master Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    This coworker of whom I speak received his call letters this Friday and I stopped by his place and we hoisted up one of my spare J pole antennas at his apartment. we hoisted it up with some OD Paracord....no mast on it. It is up about 40 feet.

    We spoke briefly on a 2 meter repeater and the copy was good.

    We were not able to make the contact on simplex with our conditions.

    It is always good to see another ham go onto the airwaves.

    Hope down the road he can get his General Class ticket and also an HF rig.

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