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    Hi all!
    My name is Andrew and I've been working for more than 5 years in Vodafone. I love my job so I decided to open this topic to share pleasant experiences with you and not only. Hope I will inspire you to do the same thing.

    To begin with, I will count every shared experience. Let's start!

    Story # 1: You see, in this area, you never know what kind of people you are going to interact with, or how they will change your mindset. It was a rainy day in March, the shop was empty, and the atmosphere was ugly. The door opens and a lady hurries, leaves her umbrella and bag on the front sofa and hurries to my office. She told me she was rushing to work (a factory nearby) and wanted to recharge her phone because she had to talk to her daughter who was going to college in another city and just having an important exam, and her post-paid phone was at her housband. After the recharge, the lady found she did not have the phone on her, so I explained to her how to reactivate her option, then left. Not long after, I wanted to go out to smoke a cigarette, but next to the sofa at the entrance, on the floor, I saw a phone. It did not take long to make connections, especially as the notification was the recharge message. The strange part was in the phone, there were no contacts, recent calls or messages (I think it was a new phone). By not knowing how to contact the lady, I decided to wait for her next day in front of the factory where she was working, to return her phone. I did not wait for more than 15 minutes and the lady appeared, just like the previous day, very hasty being late. I only grabbed my thanks and she went into the factory. The next day, the lady returned to my shope with cabbage and cookies to show her gratitude, and I also learned that her daughter had passed the exam.

    I know it's not necessarily an experience directly related to sales, but I thought this story could motivate us to start confident the next day. I hope you like it and I invite you to share your experiences!
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