A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity

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    More and more people are learning methods and recommending ways to simplify, primarily because as the video points out, there is a growing feeling within a lot of people that collecting more and more possessions is harmful not only for ourselves, but harmful to the planet. With an expanding population, the philosophy of having MORE is simply not sustainable.

    Years ago, I learned this lesson the hard way when my young son and I were stranded in Oregon and basically homeless for about two weeks. What I learned from that time is that it takes only a few things to survive, to exist. Besides air and water, you need food. After that, a place to sleep (we slept in our parked car)--everything else is just EXTRA stuff. We learned just how little it takes to actually survive. Since then, I have often tried to remind myself of the difference between my needs and my "wants".

    This video reminds me of another ongoing project that is addressing the same question, but from a new standpoint: a resource-based economy. TVP (The Venus Project) designed by Jacques Fresco in Venus, Florida, is a thoroughly thought out solution to an alternative to our current economic situation, and the inevitable crash it's going to experience as more and more people around the globe put pressure on a monetary system as the means of day to day survival and emphasis on prosperity increases.

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