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Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by cluckeyo, May 26, 2016.

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    There are countless ways that one could be propelled into a survival situation. It could be a health issue, my 90 year old parents are working hard at survival these days. It could be a finanicial related situation, not having enough money to live on would qualify, i think. It could be a social situation, because getting along in society can be very difficult. And of course, it could be a full blown disaster situation. Every day brings difficulties. For whatever is facing you in your life today, you need to approach it with the attitude of a survivor. This kind of mind training will help to prepare you for ever more difficult situations that may arise at any given time.
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  2. lonewolf

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    many do not, many think the status quo is forever.
  3. audacior

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    I agree. I remember being devastated by disappointments that I would later view as being nothing too important. As I grew up, this installed a survivalist attitude in me and disappointments and hardships eventually became less disappointing and less hard to deal with. I think that this attitude is very important to your mental well-being and to develop it early is a good thing.
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    I agree with this thread that there are different kinds of survival situation. Not only in a disaster but also in crisis like being deep in debt or having someone in the family who is terribly sick. The survival attitude is being practiced in us by the everyday situation when we encounter extraordinary events that put hardships in our lives. That's why I always bear in mind the expression "think positive" for it can somehow help me in having the courage to fight. As they say, hope springs eternal and there is hope as long as we are alive.
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    I share this notion of survival attitude too. We live in a wild world, and since it seems We not have enough with planet earth being kind of unfriendly environment, Humanity also have to deal with terrorism and warfare. The flaws of our regulated society should make us all grow awareness in becoming preppers, rely 100% on government or let any other authority to control most of our activities is asking for a life of failure -comunism is failure, social engineering is failure etc.-. Everyone should look forward to achieve some degree of autonomy together with their local community, and be prepared to thrive in worse circumstances.
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