Advanced Survival Skills Or Just Living Skills?

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  1. Keith H.

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    I assume that advanced survival skills are those skills used for long term wilderness living, rather than the skills you need in case you are lost in the bush. These former skills are many, & some go beyond the list I will attach here. But this is a basic list of skills that we expect our Woodsmen, Woodsrunners & Rangers to have some knowledge & experience of.

    Woodsrunner’s Skills.

    New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760.

    This is a list of basic skills in which we expect an 18th century woodsman or woods-woman to have some experience with in our group. There is no time limit set, learn in your own time & if we can help just ask.

    · Flint & steel fire lighting

    · Wet weather fire lighting

    · Fire-bow fire lighting

    · Flintlock fire lighting

    · Flintlock use, service & repair

    · Marksmanship with either gun or bow.

    · Field dressing & butchering game

    · Blade sharpening

    · Tomahawk throwing

    · Making rawhide

    · Brain tanning

    · Primitive shelter construction

    · How to stay warm in winter with only one blanket

    · Cordage manufacture

    · Moccasin construction and repair

    · Sewing

    · Axe and tomahawk helve making

    · Fishing

    · Hunting

    · Evasion

    · Tracking

    · Reading sign

    · Woods lore

    · Navigation

    · Primitive trap construction & trapping

    · Open fire cooking

    · Fireplace construction

    · Clothing manufacture

    · Drying meat & other foods

    · Knowledge of plant tinders & preparation

    · Knowledge of native foods & preparation

    · Knowledge of native plants in the area and their uses for other than tinder and food.

    · Scouting/Ranging.

    · Basic first aid.

    · Finding and treating water.

    · General leather work.
  2. Jea

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    I know about 1/3th of these skills, but I would love to. What would be the best way to go about doing so? I know I could find some helpful books online, but I've always been more of a hands on learner.

    I leaned basic first aid by researching these things and being put in positions where I needed to improvise aid but things such as wood lore or evasion, what would you recommend for me to learn?
  3. Keith H.

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    I would recommend that you look for an 18th century Living History/Black Powder/Muzzle-Loader group in your area & join. Good places to ask are at your local gun shop, at a Living History equipment supplier or do a search on the net for your area.
    Here is the link to our group's forum if you are interested:
    You will also find some of these skills on my video channel:
  4. BethSztruhar

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    Wow, your YouTube channel @Keith H. is really helpful! I just subscribed to it, I'm sure that I can learn a lot from you.
    About surviving skills, what really interests me and I want to learn is tracking.
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  5. Keith H.

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    I don't think I have gone into any depth on tracking in my videos Beth, perhaps I will look into that when I get time. Meanwhile, If I can answer any questions, just ask.
    Humans are also animals, & can be tracked in the same way. But there is other sign you can use besides foot prints. Disturbed surface on a trail, broken foliage, fur caught on flora or something dropped. Scat. Blood if they have been hit. Tracking is probably one of the most difficult skills to master, & I do not consider myself an expert.
    Tracks in snow are easy to follow. Walleroo tracks, not walking but hopping slowly.
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