Aloe vera is timely

Discussion in 'Emergency Plants' started by remnant, Jun 18, 2016.

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    The Aloe vera plant is a succulent and it belongs to the cacti family. It has a thick sap which drips from the leaves when its cut. I remember when we were young children, our grandmother used to chase us whenever we cut or injured ourselves with a sharp object and then apply the astringent juice on the wound. This prevented the wound from festering. Aloe vera sap is very useful to stop bleeding by forming a matt on the wound to check bleeding besides having antiseptic properties.
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    Yes this plant is very useful. I remember that my mom used to use aloe for all kinds of things. It does help a lot with minor burns also. This is one medicinal plant that is very useful.
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    This is one of the first plants that I was taught was a natural antiseptic. I have used it many times growing up as a little kid. We knew where it grew and always stopped by to use on your cuts and scrapes before heading home after riding our bikes in the fields.

    There are ways to eat the plant as well. Everything about this plant is great.


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