Are We At War With China And No One Told Us?????

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by watcherchris, Mar 31, 2020.

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  1. watcherchris

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    Are we at war with China and no one told us...

    Does someone want us ignorant of what is really happening.??

    Is their investment in dumbing us down so as to be distracted and unawares of what is happening??

    How much of this country has China bought and owns...steers for their benefit and against America..,,this includes much of our corporate, MSM, and political leadership????

    I am beginning to think along these lines and remembering something that happened about a year ago...

    How much of our public education have they and the Muslims bought out.??

    How much are the Muslims in league with the Chinese???

    And now we have this virus....but I am suspecting that this may go back much further than most know...or are desired to know.

    Ishmaelites run wild?????

    My sometimes rabid, rambling, and runaway thoughts.

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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  2. watcherchris

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    This business in a sense is reaching demonic proportions to some of us today......

    Bumping thread...

    Not an Ishmaelite.
  3. Pragmatist

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    Good evening Watcherchris,

    We're not in a military war with China but definitely in an economic one - until recently. Xi and Trump rely on back channel meetings to get anything done. The US organizations - especially the US Foreign Service - is a vestige of an earlier era.

    A key acid test to judge the relationship is to study Boeing China, Inc. The President of BCI has more access to the political leadership of China than the US Ambassador does.

    It's just about impossible to determine how much China holds in the US (or US businesses offshore). The US laws, especially during the Carter regime, were written to hide much. Note that China is the largest creditor of the US. First Lady Hillary Clinton explained this at an AFLCIO meeting.

    China's not in league with the Muslim countries - just raw business relationships. Saudi Arabia tried to open a Consulate General in Xinjiang, NW China (large Muslim ppn) and was denied by China.

    Our debt problems and all the rest, especially US foreign relations, are mostly DOMESTIC political problems. China's been funding out deficits and uses it as an economic weapon. It wasn't POTUS Trump packaging an emergency $2.2 Trillion pandemic bill with cash infusions to the National Center For the Performing Arts,....... Nancy Pelosi can elaborate.
  4. Caribou

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    We have been at war with the moslems since America started and the rest of the world for a thousand years before that. In the Marine Hymn you will hear, "to the shores of Tripoli." That war will never end.

    We have been at war with China since 1949 when the communists took full control. You don't really think the Korean War, which has never ended, was between America and N. Korea do you?

    People choose to ignore what is happening. People believe the MSM because it makes them feel better. Both the moslems and Chinese are playing the long game.
  5. Old Geezer

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    China allowing-in gold. They are prepping to raise value of Chinese currency and destroy U.S. dollar position as world's exchange currency.

    Reuters reports:

    "The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the nation’s central bank, controls how much gold enters China through a system of quotas given to commercial banks. It usually allows enough metal in to satisfy local demand but sometimes restricts the flow.

    "In recent weeks it has given permission for large amounts of bullion to enter, the sources said.

    “'We had no quotas for a while. Now we are getting them … the most since 2019,' said a source at one of the banks moving gold into China.

    "Around 150 tonnes of gold worth $8.5 billion at current prices is likely to be shipped, four sources said. Two of the sources said the bullion would be shipped in April. Two others said it would reach China over April and May."
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