Are You Ready For A Financial Collapse?

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by Ben Brown, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I have been looking at Venezuela's economic collapse as a way to prepare for a financial collapse. Their country is beyond broken at the moment, as their government has a food rationing system to stop black market food sales, there is no medicine left in the country causing a high fatality of newborns, there is limited power and crime has skyrocketed. Yep, it's a SHTF situation.

    There's a prepper that currently lives in Venezuela writing about all of the stuff he, and his family, has had to put up with, and how he has managed to keep his family healthy despite the crippled economy and his own job loss.

    It's an amazing resource, to read someone's own account of their methods of survival in a current SHTF situation. It has definitely been helping me learn a thing or two about how I can better myself not just for a financial collapse, but also job loss or any other financial stresses.

    Here are some of his post links:
    - How to diversify income sources and deal with job loss
    - How to manage with a crumbling power grid
    - How to manage with an inflated currency and crippled economy
    - How important a team and family bond is in a financial collapse
    - How to survive with severe food shortages and government rationing
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    He's a good writer. Thanks for sharing!
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    There are so many different ways that an economy can go bad. You can have inflation that makes your money worth less and less. A Depression can make money so scarce that its value goes up. You can have a situation where your money is worthless because there is nothing to buy with it that is worthwhile to your situation.

    I've tried to make some allowance for all of these various problems. If the power goes down credit/debit cards and checks will be worthless really fast. CASH in fairly large quantities would be worth a LOT!!! I like Silver and have a pretty good collection of that too. I have a lot of my cash in the form of coins. A dollar coin costs a dollar but may in the future be worth more as a collector item. No matter what its is worth a dollar. I dumped gold because the prices got so high that it is totally impractical for use as currency. A small BB size bit of gold might be worth 30 or 40 dollars but I can't see anyone wanting to accept it at that rate.

    There will always be some things that will have value. While I dumped my gold coins I still have a lot of gold and silver rings and jewelry with some diamonds up to 3 carats. Food, Ammo, Guns, Fishing tackle, Tools and hardware will always have value and I think that my books could be a major resource. Dice, cards and board games will be worth a lot when there is no TV, Movies, Cell Phones, Radios or Computers. Knowledge and skills are always marketable.
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