Aristotelian Logic; Collapsing Society

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Just curious, are those homeless or those who live in slum live there by choice (in their own free will) or they simply people who were stuck at their current condition (no job opportunities)? :confused:

    I'm asking this because I spend the majority of my childhood living in the slum of Jakarta (in the same district of that Kenya guy Berry Santoso), and few relatives also still lives in the slum nowadays albeit we are doing it by our own choice, and not because any lack of opportunity to live elsewhere.
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    Good afternoon Varuna,

    All the categories you mentioned apply. Add the mental illness aspect also. California's homeless represent the ills of society and some are being "used" by the California political establishment for various reasons such as obtaining Federal funding, etc.

    I thought that Kenya guy was from Chicago, USA.
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    This is a typical Californication crap. Why do I have to lock my car to make it MINE and not there for anyone to steal??? Does that mean that if you don't have a 6' chain link fence around your home with a locked gate that it is ok for anyone to come and steal anything that they want? I'm sorry but when you elect imbeciles to lead you you get what you deserve.

    Varuna most of the homeless people in the US are people with various mental problems. They self medicate with booze and drugs and so are unable to hold down a job or be responsible for their own care and support. There is some problem in much of California in that the cost of living is so high that even if you have a job you may still have issues renting a place to live. A SHACK in LA can cost you a thousand a month and owning a car there is insane. when you do get a job you are going to get hit with Federal, State, County, and City income tax and with all their other taxes and fees, it is hard for someone once they lose a job to recover.

    The sad thing is that if they wanted to work and have a better life they could have it by leaving the trap that they are in and go where there is plenty of work and a much less expensive cost of living. In the US there is no reason for someone to live on the streets, be hungry or, suffer from the weather. I have been DIRT poor before and be unemployed. I worked. I would rake a yard, mow the grass, paint or do anything that someone would pay me to do. I did hard labor and the dirty jobs that nobody wanted. I kept a roof over my family's head and food on the table. By not just sitting and going limp on life this was a temporary problem and when the economy picked up I was in a position to take advantage of it.

    I did a lot of volunteer work for the local mission when life got better for me. Nearly all of the true homeless were people with mental issues. most had allowed this to lead them into drug addiction. There were a few that were just unable to deal with reality and were actually happier with the freedom of being homeless. Even if you found them a place they wouldn't stay there. In the US there are endless government and private organizations that try to help these people. Free food is there in every city. Clothing is free to those in need. Shelter, when the weather is bad, is available. Even in California, there are jobs for people that want to work. When you see someone living under a bridge they are probably there because they can't deal with even the simple things in life. Their only real possibility in life is, life on the street, life locked up in jail or life locked up in a mental institution.

    It is heartbreaking. These are not bad people. They need help but even when it is given to them they will run away from it. To some extent, they are like someone with a terminal illness. About all that you can do for them is try to keep them comfortable until their illness kills them. Eventually, they will OD or get sick and die or pass out in an ally on a cold night and freeze to death. Some just disappear and you never know what happened.

    The government COULD do something to help but there are not enough votes in helping the homeless to get the politicians to care. Over and over I have seen good people try and help only to have the government step in and stop them. If you have an empty building and try to allow the homeless to either live there or open it as a shelter on cold nights the government will shut you down. you won't have enough toilets or the building might not be zomed for living there. endless reasons that they have to be thrown back ut on the streets...
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    Wait the sec there, that guy has Hawaii Birth Certificate. Although I'm pretty sure he also has both Kenya and Indonesia Birth Certificate hidden somewhere.

    Sound more like the cost of living went up due to over regulation (political).
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    Here is an example of California regulations. OSHA = Occupational Safety Health Agency which governs many if not all work place safety.

    California OSHA Cowboy 1.JPG
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