Atlantic Mag Article On California

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Oct 30, 2019.

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    Interesting article. Again climate change and homeless problem. Not that the environmentalist stopped logging, brush clearing and all the other means to help prevent the wild spread of forest fires. As for the homeless, bad decisions lead to bad results. If you are not skilled enough to earn enough to pay the outrageous rents, then move to a state where you can afford to live. The second problem with the homeless, the government in California enables these people to be homeless. California is like a well stocked liquor cabinet, without any locks or repercussions to keep the alcoholic out. The people and the government of California constantly make piss poor decisions, repeatedly.
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    The state of California collapsing as we watch and liberal Democrats want to run the entire U.S. and eventually the entire planet with these ridiculous decisions . Take note non U.S. citizens " they want to run your country " The front battle line is here in the U.S, fighting to stop this from happening here and spreading across the planet . The leader in charge of this battle against tyranny in the U.S. is Donald Trump . Every city and state that has let these democrats take control over their lives has seen their area crash economically . This is my version of communism and countries around the globe are on their wish list .Seems like this warped globalist thinking we have seen before in Germany and Japan with ridiculous promises being made to citizens . I recall there was something called a world war as a result .
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    I despise that kind of thinking or default beliefs..

    That California, New York , and a handful of other places represent all of America by default.

    The news media also and often give that impression..I just do not buy into it.

    That somehow California because of Hollywood being there ...knows what is best for the rest of the nation.

    Somehow ..I do not believe that Hollywood and or California know better how I need to vote and or spend my monies...than do I. Know better what to believe as well. Better how to properly run with the Herd.

    Not for me thanks. I got disgusted with California and Hollywood years ago.

    I have also taught myself to despise and be disgusted with the incestuous relationship between Washington DC and Hollywood...also not for me.

    Ishmaelites run wild...trying to herd the rest of us.

    MY non Ishmaelite .02,

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