Augers & Gimlets.

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    Augers come in various sizes, & are used for making holes in timber. Two pieces of timber can be secured together by making a hole with an auger, & then hammering in a wooden peg with the poll of your tomahawk. Augers are a good addition to ones gear as they are not heavy & don't take up a lot of room. Augers are useful if building wooden structures such as cabins or Palisades.

    The gimlet was used in the 18th century for making holes for nails so the nail would not split the wood. They can also be used for making holes to insert wood screws or small wooden pegs.

    The small auger on the left & the gimlet on the right I made from bits made to be used with a brace.
    This larger auger is easily carried tied to one's bedroll. The wooden handle can be made later on site.

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