Avoid Subway; Take Taxi Or Walk

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Jul 12, 2020.

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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Forgot his name - believe something like = Bernard Gertz = nicknamed the subway something ..... Vaguely recall he was an engineer.

    Several youths with sharpened screwdrivers attacked with intent to rob Bernie. Bernie pulled out an illegal revolver and repelled the attackers.

    Don't remember the end but do remember the youths were not successful in their accounts receivable efforts.
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  2. lonewolf

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    When I lived in a city I avoided subways, know danger points even back then.
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  3. TexDanm

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    I have a simple cure for any such problem. I refuse to live ANYPLACE that has so many people that they have subways or trains that are only for inside the city. Problem solved. A bus system for the impoverished is as far as I will tolerate and now I live in a place that doesn't have any form of mass or even individual transit system. If you don't have a car or truck you either walk or ride a bicycle. That gets rid of most of the riffraff. Even though it is a very small town it has most everything that you need except a pharmacy and a Doctor. I could live and buy nearly all of my needs in this little country town with less than 500 people.
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  4. Old Geezer

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    Spelling "Bernhard Goetz" (thus German origin)

    He is now labeled by the anti-American Left as a "vigilante". He had the audacity to defend himself against savages. He is a white oppressor, so he should have simply submitted to the four oppressed people who were simply going about scavenging to feed their starving children.

    The communists successfully prosecuted him for having a firearm. He'd been charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, plus a bunch of other crap, who knows(?) -- the Bolsheviks couldn't get those to stick.

    Yes he was an electronics guy and was trying to run his own company, but I don't know anything about details concerning. Back then, I got the impression that the fellow was your basic "loner", kept to himself and all that. Don't really know anything about him. I was very interested in the case at the time and kept up a bit. Maybe I read about him, but it's been too long ago and I'm not feeling good today and am too lazy to look him up; I only did a search to see how to spell his name. I knew his was a German name with the "oe" spelling. I didn't even get outside to do anything productive, feel like warmed-over dog sh##.

    Because I'm a gun guy, I know that he had a 5-shot revolver made by whoever. When attacked by four, he emptied Mr. Revolver into them. One was paralyzed=wheelchair and I think that one died years and years later, but I'm not sure. F___ all four of them. They ruined his life. Hope they burn in hell.
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  5. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Old Geezer,

    Danke, O.G. !

    Yes, now I remember the basics.

    Hope you're feeling better soonest.
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    1. Old Geezer
      Knocking back a Shiner Bock from Texas, I sort'a like it, it's a pleasant enough beer, no complaints. Got a grandson visiting, early teens. I've no patience for him. Lives w/his dad who won't discipline him (our daughter disciplined him, but she died when he was young). I've waded into the boy. He's sure as sh## has stopped talking back to me. I didn't DARE mess with my grandfathers! I knew their histories (one would just shoot a man, the other was a brawler, men didn't mess with them). They'd mellowed mightily as they got older and were very good to me (my mom's dad would see what I could take, scary). My dad's dad even spoiled me; died when I was 6 or 7, my bestest buddy.
      Old Geezer, Jul 12, 2020
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