Basics For Hurricane Prep

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    With hurricane season starting today, all prep should have been - famous words - completed.

    For those new to hurricanes, above link is the National Weather Service's basic web page.

    WRN = "weather ready nation".
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  2. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

    Blog Posts:

    Link is to a hurricane supplies list.

    Per the link;

    True: "You can never be too organized or too prepared".

    However: a basic national "rule" in the preparedness and response community is to - "Minimize Detail" -.

    Forget our hammer inventory. Stockpile wine key and bottle opener (I thought our vintage wines had screw caps).

    DO NOT use flimsy jugs for water if you can help it. When one breaks or leaks - guaranteed; one will break or leak - problems occur.

    Some folks are allergic to latex. Prepare accordingly.

    Recommend no flash drive around neck.

    Haven't seen anything other than small bills since Hillary became First Lady.

    Maybe in Naples, Florida but here there isn't enough sand or dirt for a viable sandbag project.

    Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishers, ......
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