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Discussion in 'Safety' started by PedroP, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. PedroP

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    Let's supposed for a moment here you find yourself in a restraining situation. For some reason a group of people have taken hold of you and are preparing to move you elsewhere. Would you know what to do in order to escape before they successfully move you to a different location?
  2. Ken S LaTrans

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    What kind of restraints are you talking about? What was the method by which they restrained you, or rather how did they get you at such a disadvantage?

    As a long time cop, I have a handcuff key under a piece of sports tape inside the back of each of my belts. If I am cuffed behind my back...then I am only cuffed as long as I want to be. My shoe and boot laces are all 550 cord, and you can use that to easily free yourself from zip tie restraints. Rope restraints are a lot harder than many people think to effectively tie, I am fairly certain that with some work, I would be free of that as well.

    But the best way to escape is not to be caught, or captured. You make their attempt not worth the cost.
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    LOL, I used to do the cuff key on my belt too. I'm an old fart now and just carry a gun. Like you said the best way to escape is not get caught. I don't offer much opportunity to anyone anymore to want to mess with me. When I was younger I often ran with a rough crowd. I'm more of a home body now and don't worry about it much anymore. The cops even like me now.
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