Best Herbal Teas for your Prepper Medicine Chest

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    For my family having herbal remedies on hand is an essential part of preparedness. Medicinal herbal teas have been used for centuries to treat illness and disease and are easy to store, inexpensive, and quickly assimilated into your body. Here is a short list of I few I think are important to have on hand:

    1. Mint- it is easy to grow and can be brewed up as a treatment for stomach aches, diarrhea or reflux and it is a natural fever reducer.

    2. Chamomile – it is also easy to grow at home and is an effective remedy for anxiety and nausea. It can also help induce sleep.

    3. Lemon Grass – is one of my favorites. It grows very easily and can aid in the treatment of high blood pressure. It is a mild diuretic.

    4. Echinacea – I can’t say enough about this herb. It is a natural anti-bacterial as well as an immune system booster. It is also anti-viral. It is also a pain reliever. If there is only one herb in your prepper medicine chest…this is the one!

    5. Rose Hips- The humble rose hip is easy to grow and often under-rated. In survival situations where there may be little to no vitamin C rich food available, rose hips, which are naturally rich in vitamin C can prevent diseases such as scurvy and prevent or discourage colds and flu.

    6. Blackberry leaf – and or blackberries – I know it might be TMI but when a sudden disaster happens, people’s bodies often react with a bout of diarrhea. Left untreated that can cause dehydration and even death. Blackberry leaf is a wonderful and effective cure.
  2. Karen Martin

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    I am old school and I love having herbal remedies on hand for me and my family! I am a grandmother of 4, as well as a mother of 4 and I care for my breast cancer mom and having my herbal remedies around my house helps eliminate infections, unwanted bugs, and unwanted body aching and cuts and bruises! My house is full of mint for my dogs bad breathe and minor cuts and sores and I also have a aloe vera plant to help with minor burns and bruises as well as peppermint for spiders and cayenne pepper for the ants as well as lavendar for stress reliever and body aches! I love my home remedies and I be reading on articles everyday and making my own cleaning supplies out of vinegar and lemons!
  3. bluebetta

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    I have found ginger to also be a very very valuable thing to have on hand. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has helped me through everything from pain to nausea. I also turn to cloves again and again. Drinking them in a hot tea is one of my favorite ways to use them. Together with cinnamon, ginger and cloves make a very spicey tea that is sort of like chai. They also make a nice hot apple cider like mix when added to warm apple juice.
  4. willywonka

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    I always have mint growing in my front yard so I can try out the leaves and make some mint tea. I also like peppermint because you can use the leaves to keep bugs away. The bugs hate the minty smell. I drink ginger tea because it helps when I have an upset stomach.
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