Better Learning-18th Century Living History.

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    If something you are trying to learn is fun, then you are more likely to pick it up more easily. This is especially so for children. 18th Century Living History is a family oriented activity/hobby, which means that children can participate along with their parents. Historical Trekking is another Living History activity that will prepare the prepper & prepper families for life in the wilderness.
    Many families may have problems when it comes to leaving home in a TEOTWAWKI situation, especially when it comes to children willingly participating & actually helping. Historical Trekking is a fun activity for all the family, & children who participate in this activity are willing to get ready to leave on a trek & even carry their own pack. No fuss, no problems, they have done this countless times before & they enjoy doing it.
    If you are interested I strongly suggest that you seek out an 18th or 17th century Living History group/club in your area.

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    Very interesting. And is true, If it is fun to do (that most times is just putting it into practice) then anyone is pretty likely to pick it up quickly. The historical trekking footage is neatly filmed by the way, It really draws attention.
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    Thank you Endure.
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