Beware of flooded roads

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Corzhens, Jul 6, 2016.

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  1. Corzhens

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    There was an incident here where a bus full of grade school students was on their way to the zoo. Since it is a bus, the driver thought that it is all right to tread the flooded road since the distance of the flooded portion is less than 100 meters. But the floodwater was above the knee and the current was strong. The bus was pulled on the side which was a shallow ravine. There were casualties.

    I drive a small car and I have agreed with my husband that when the rain is pouring hard and I am in the office, I might as well wait it out or spend the night in the office. Our town is a low-lying area that is conducive to flooding. I hate to imagine that floodwaters will be toying with my small car.
  2. remnant

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    I get to see incidents relating to flooded roads but people somehow fail to recognise the danger or ignore it altogether. Water currents are stronger than most people assume. The issue has to do with faulty road construction blueprints and often poor drainage systems. The way round this problem is to use alternative roots or wait for the problem to subside.
  3. Endure

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    Indeed. Fierce currents that flood a road or any other way are pretty much a death wish if anyone tries to cross without a pretty strong grip. Just take a detour or call the day before things get worse (when currents begin to drag debris or steaming stuff on fire).
  4. tgthewriter1

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    All you have to do is stay away from the water. If you have a car, you better hope you have good insurance. Bad insurance will do nothing for you. In any event, stay away from the water.
  5. willywonka

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    What a sad story! The bus driver probably thought he could make it with his large bus, but floods are strong! They are stronger than our cars and we should not underestimate them. Thanks for the warning tip! It is better to stay clear of the area instead of trying to go through it.
  6. Iohndee

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    I can hardly understand the reason why some people and especially motorists tend to underestimate the force of floods. Cases of vehicles being swept away are common and most have been fatal.

    Could it be because they assume a vehicle being machine it can easily wade through water? But I think, it being on wheels and with various openings for water to easily get in makes it risky.

    For floods that are knee high, that is a massive force that can wreck havoc. When faced with such a situation, it is better to take an alternative route or wait for the floods to subside. Better safe than sorry.
  7. Moroccanbeauty2266

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    Where we live there are hardly any floodings. However, there have been a lot of flooding in the Eastern part of Germany.
    Many lost their lives and it was very scary to see how high the flood actually got.
    Most people are in shock when they are in the middle of a flood. I would not dare to drive a car when it even rains a little bit.
    I am just too scared of sliding and having an accident happen.
    If I would need to dirve somewhere then I agree with what ahs been previously suggested: take a different route or wait till it is over!
  8. Arkane

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    Know your limits and your vehicles limits and stay within them!
    I have driven through water 1.5m deep and have waited for 50omm of rushing water to subside!
  9. Keith H.

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    Deep water can float a vehicle, once it loses traction, then it can be swept away. 4WDs & SUVs have what is known as a "wading depth", that is the depth of water they can ford, sometimes called a "fording depth". On petrol motors, once the cooling fan hits the water, it will spray water over the engine & can stop the engine. If your exhaust pipe is under water, it can then suck water up into your engine.
    I rescued a friend & his Jeep one time as he was being washed away. I managed to get a hawser on his vehicle & I pulled him out with my Land Cruiser. I have crossed deep fast flowing water once, after being stranded for several weeks. I strapped both doors open, roping them to the bull bar. This allowed the water to flow through the vehicle (4WD Land Cruiser SWB) so it did not get swept away. But I DO NOT advise anyone to try this unless the situation warrants it. The water was flowing over my knees, so it was quite deep when you consider the height of the driver's seat from the ground in a Land Cruiser.
  10. Vinaya

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    At this time of the year, monsoon is at the peak. Monsoon is the time when there wil be heavy rainfall in our home country. For three months, there will be too much of rain. Since there are over 50 rivers, small and big, in my town, flood is a major problem. When there is heavy rainfall, flood will not only sweep away settlements but also roads. These days roads are most of the time flodded with swelling rivers and it is really difficult to drive in the flooded roads.
  11. streettallest

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    I can be very risky to drive walk around when the road is flooded. Apart from the possibility of dangerous reptiles hiding in the flood, the drainages can become a dangerous trap for the road users.

    I can recall how our family car was damaged because my dad tried to drive in the flood. The engine was affected and a lot of cash was spent to bring the car back to shape.
  12. Tumbleweed

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    Many years ago, we got caught in one of those flash floods, and almost got swept away. It was in February, and we had had a lot of snow in Washington State that year, and the run-off was starting, and some of the roads were getting flooded.
    My then-husband had just got a job in the southern portion of the state, and it was an area we were not familiar with. Some of the roads were blocked off. We met a state patrol, and he said that water was on the roadway ahead of us, but he had just driven through it and it was fine at this point.
    However, by the time we got there, it was much deeper than it looked, and the car snuffled and died about halfway through the flood waters. We had to get out and walk back through the water to get out, and it was hard not to get swept away. If the water had been any deeper and faster flowing, we probably would have had to stay in the car, or we would have been swept away trying to wade out.
    In any case , we made it and started the slow walk back to the last nearest town. A car came along and when we explained that they could not get through, they gave us a ride back to town.
    The car was ruined, it had been flooded inside with the muddy water, and the engine was full of water and mud as well; but we were thankful to be alive still.
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  13. kgord

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    Yes, flooded roads are dangerous. I drove through a flooded road one time because I saw the car in front of me had gotten through safely, but right after I went through they closed the road. It was probably a good move on the highway departments part because it was getting deep!
  14. OursIsTheFury

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    Floods are also a common cause of leptospirosis, a condition caused by infected rat urine going into your wounds. Usually the people affected recently had foot injury and had an open wound (or people have had their toes manicured but was cut), and walked through flood water. Flood water may contain waste from animals especially vermin, so it's a very common cause of disease. There's a reason why people get sick a lot during these calamities. One bad thing after another, piling on as your immune system breaks down from stress and weather conditions. Something to think about.
  15. airfightermax

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    This. Leptospirosis are prevalent during floods and they can be really fatal if left untreated.

    Leptospirosis is one of the reasons one shouldn't cross a flooded area. Especially if you have wounds that could get exposed to the flood water.
    1. OursIsTheFury
      I saw a news report before because there was a large wave of leptospirosis patients in the area of the flood. Apparently there was a sale on pedicures on the local salon and most of the patients had just gotten their feet pampered, but some cuts were made. They were stupid enough to walk on flooded streets with an open cut in their foot, and that's how they all got it. It's all about educating yourself with basic wound assessment.
      OursIsTheFury, Jul 18, 2017
  16. Clara1993

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    Oh I'm Feeling really sad for those students who lived that moment I hope they managed to get out of the car :-(
    It's wise to not drive when there water is flooding in the road , very often when it rains heavy there is also heavy winds which when combined whith the water causes serious accidents and some results in cars to float I saw that in news It happens for real And people should be like you, Life is good and Anything can be postponed and be done later right?
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