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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by John Snort, May 20, 2016.

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  1. John Snort

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    Most birds are edible and they are everywhere. How they taste will vary greatly but that shouldn't matter if you must eat to survive. And as they are easier to trap than mammals [all of which also happen to be edible] learning how birds can be trapped is a skill which must be learned.

    The easiest way to capture birds in woodlands is by using mist nets. It's great for catching small birds. The net is strung between two trees where you expect the birds to fly towards. As the net is in the path of the birds and it's so fine it's almost invisible, they fly straight into the net, falls and gets tangled in a fold at the bottom of the net.

    Once you've trapped enough birds in your net, take it down.
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  2. Keith H.

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    Whilst I totally agree that trapping birds is very worthwhile, I think that trapping larger birds using cage traps is more worth while. Small birds would not give much meat for the amount of work required to pluck & gut. Stick cage traps & an air rifle would produce much more meat for far less effort. Just my personal preference.
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  3. Endure

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    Certainly. Most birds are edible and a neat source of protein. But trap building is not an instant quarantee of a setady source of food. It requires patience and sighting, you must carefully watch above the trees and even in the soil for birds
    catching earthworms and bugs. You can begin your spotting in dawn and then set your traps afterwards.

    Otherwise, I suggest hunt for frogs, reptiles and bugs instead, since most of them are edible too and easier to catch.
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    Even though it seems like a good idea, but carrying a big net can take up some much needed space. They have to be big so that the birds don't see it, otherwise they will fly around it. Even though I do agree, catching birds can really give you that extra boost that your body needs.
  5. HappyJackSlade

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    ive tried this bird trap in the link I'm posting and have found it to work really well.
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