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    When in a survival situation and you need to blend in outdoors your goal is camouflage. The goal of camouflage is to look like your environment if that means you have to distort your shape with small twigs that have leaves attached to them still. Smudge mud or coal on your face to darken your skin color or to be the same color as your surroundings.If it is dark outside always walk crouched because the sky is always brighter than the ground and when crouched you are typically hidden when figures that are standing will stand out in the night sky. This was a technique used in ancient times by German warriors that engaged in battled at night then disappeared like ghosts.This will give you time to hide or take out the enemy silently. When looking around stay behind objects to distort your shape because the human eye is basically trained to see the shape of a human body. Try not to disturb the earth where you are running around.
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    Make and use a hooded cloak! they really are the best design.
    I have several double sided ones! one is desert red/savannah dry grassland
    another is light forest/dark forest
    They work day and night and cover everything even hiding the typical arm/leg movements of walking
    even got a camo waterproof one that keeps everything dry!
    Extensive field testing done fooled all but one ex-mil guy
    Only problem over here is it is a bit hot in summer! but working on better material!
    Still need good field craft.

    Working on an urban cloak at present a plain medium grey is looking best so far.
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