Booby Traps

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    Booby traps or snares are primarily used to catch small game. You may have to set up multiple snares to ensure success. First it is a good idea to scout out the place for decent places to place the traps. Look by watering holes and bushes as these are food sources for small game. Look for footprints and disturbed brush plants as well. Also gathering nuts and berries for bait is a great idea. When you have located a couple of good spots to place some snares, then you have to actually make them. First you need to carve a mouth or hook into two sticks. The stick should be bigger than the hook and pretty sturdy. Hooks can be small as long as they fit into the mouth of the bigger stick.

    Once you have the two sticks, plant the bigger stick into the ground. The bigger stick should be very close to the tree that you scouted out before. The knot should be placed about 6 to 12 inches from the top depending on how strong the tree you picked out is. Test it before you assume it's ready to use and remember the animal will be struggling. Then attach the other end of your cord to the hook or the smaller stick you made before. Place the hook in the mouth of the bigger stick. This point the base should be the only thing preventing the whole thing from flying up into the air. When the hook is removed, the sampling should return to its upright position again. Now you need to tie a noose around the bottom of your hook. At this point, your hook should have two cords connected to it, one to the noose and one to the tree you picked out before. Then place the bait that you gathered before on the noose and in the center but be careful not to trigger it. And hopefully, next time you come back you will have caught something and can have a rewarding meal.
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    Boobytraps are illegal here and the police/council etc take a very dim view of those responsible!
    Probably the same where you are!
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    same here, post collapse this wont apply.
    I prefer some pungi sticks and trip wires.
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