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    Books to have boy scout manuel look for troup leader book has more info. Herbalist book hard to find but shop for a old one older the better again more info in it. Topo atlas of area. Where you are goingalong with topo map of area where you plan to goany book you want but buy hard cover over paperback for these will last longer than paper back1
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    Hard backs would also be harder to lug around...but you're right, they will last longer. Also, I remember doing a narrative reading of a section of the boy scout handbook online...the section on tent making. Wow! I never knew there was so much information on making tents, and all the different ways to make tents, and all the folds you need to make the tents. That was just the tent section. The entire manual went on forever! But filled with so much basic survival in the rough/wilds/ would definitely be a must have!
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